Top 10 Worst Video Game Transitions to the 3D World

GameDynamo - "When video games went from two-dimensional sprites to three-dimensional polygons, the potential for unique experiences increased exponentially. But not every classic franchise successfully made the jump to the third dimension. Perhaps the amount of creativity needed to completely re-envision a world may have been too much for some development teams, or perhaps the companies didn't want to bother investing the time and money necessary for the great polygonal leap. For every Super Mario 64 or Final Fantasy VII, we got plenty of three-dimensional flops like these..."

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glennco2481d ago

Kings Quest 8 gets my vote

gumgum992481d ago

Sonic's transition was fine. The problem with the 2006 was less about it being in 3D and more about it just being plain unfinished, and quite flawed in execution.

Can't comment on the other ones, although seeing Bubsy up there was quite unsurprising.

RioKing2481d ago

"Sonic's transition was fine."

In my opinion, it wasn't. Sonic's best games (until recently) were the early 2D games we all still love today, not the 3D games that followed :/

coolman2292480d ago

I don't know about you, but I loved Sonic Adventure. I hate the 2D ones. I just don't have fun playing them. Unless you're good at the game you can't go fast, and some of the levels are confusing. I enjoyed them only when they're 3D.

Mini Mario2481d ago

I don't know why people thought games had to be 3D to be good games lol

I guess it was all new back in the later 90's but even later games like final fight street wise and golden axe

Mario did it perfectly but 2D games in my opinion for many franchises should simply stay 2D (contra especially..which it has recently)

Daver2481d ago

I would love to see Mega man in 3d but a good one this time.

hellzsupernova2481d ago

worms always worked in 2D the 3D games felt clumsey