Crimson Dragon: For Those That Miss The Sega Saturn

360 Magazine: Crimson Dragon is following in Child Of Eden’s footsteps, but can Kinect ever present gameplay as satisfying as the Saturn’s Panzer Dragoon?

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jimmins2386d ago

Panzer Dragoon has ALWAYS been an Xbox franchise.


Dailynch2386d ago

That's the stupidest thing I've ever seen written on this website. And that's saying something!

DaveX3602386d ago

You're right - that's certainly saying something.

Godmars2902386d ago

Excluding the Sega Saturn titles, the PS2 remake of PD2...

No. Even trying to account for Sega's and MS's game division close relationship, those examples only prove you more wrong.

BigBoss19642386d ago

Looks like its going to be the xbox version of Lair

Godmars2902386d ago

In that a control scheme that's only going to limit gameplay is being forced upon it? Yeah.

Still, this looks better and the game mechanics - mission objectives being shouted at a distance and over loud dramatic music - wont likely hinder it overall.

2386d ago
dark-hollow2386d ago (Edited 2386d ago )

Ugh. All i want isplease please make shenmue 3!!! I don't know the IP now belongs to Sega or ms.
Its worse than ffxiiivs case or duke nukem forever.
Because this one is Canon to the story that isn't finished, and we don't know if they'll make it again or not.

Cryptcuzz2386d ago

This game admittedly looks pretty good for a Kinect game. I don't know how well it will handle with a fast paced game like this though.

If I had it my way, I hope they would release a port for the PS3 using the Move.

Psychonaughty2386d ago

I really really hope they also include standard 360 controls in there too because this type of game really isn't suited to the Kinect as I found out the hard way with Child of Eden :(