Gearbox boss "Wii U is a really nice bridge to the next gen"

Joystiq interview: "Nintendo's Wii U demo reel at E3 last year contained a clip of Aliens: Colonial Marines, but we haven't heard much about the version since then. Speaking with Gearbox President Randy Pitchford, we tried to surgically extract a viable specimen of information out of him, but he refrained from getting too specific."

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Indigo1232387d ago

and everyone will need that bridge

Bleucrunch2387d ago

We will find out more at E3...Gearbox is respected across the board in the gaming community so their views hold some weight...Again we will have to wait until E3...I think I will be calling out of work for the Nintendo and Sony Press conferences!

2EHO2387d ago

Yeah like I said.... A lot of hate against Nintendo. One site claim unknown developers stating the wii u is not as powerful as this gen. This developers said its going to bridge to next gen we will see.

Biggest2387d ago

You do know what a bridge is, yeah? You walk across it to reach the other side. In this instance it would make the WiiU nothing more than an extension of the current gen that helps us reach the next gen. . . Which is not the WiiU.

stuna12387d ago (Edited 2387d ago )

Everyone has their own interpretation of what next gen could possibly mean! But for those who are able to view things from different perspectives, just the phrase "A nice bridge to next gen" should raise some concerns. It's like saying it's a nice start but expect it to be surpass fairly quickly!

People tend to sugar coat situations when they stand to make a buck.

@ firelogic I hadn't read your comment until after I wrote mine, but I totally agree! In any situation especially when your talking big developers, it would crazy for them to tarnish their relationship with Nintendo, Microsoft or Sony by bad mouthing their tech when they could possibly make millions.

C0MPUT3R2387d ago

If you like Nintendo games buy a Wii U. If you are buying it for 3rd party, you are an idiot.

2EHO2387d ago

Totally disagree. But that will be showcased at this year E3.

WrAiTh Sp3cTr32387d ago (Edited 2387d ago )

Yup, besides, why would I buy a new 3rd party franchise on 6 year old tech when I have the option to buy it on new hardware + buy Nintendo games with it?

Hisiru2387d ago

Do you (Comput3r) have a crystal ball?

firelogic2387d ago

How can anyone disagree with that? gamecube had poor 3rd party support because no one bought their games, same with DS, 3DS, N64, and Wii. Why would anyone expect it to be diff for the WiiU?

This guy saying it's a bridge to the next-gen isn't a compliment folks. Let me put it into more literal terms for you. "The WiiU is a good system for right now until we get to the REAL deal next-gen with the next Sony/MS consoles."

Disccordia2387d ago

Tbf Nintendo have historically struggled for third party support. I think they will gain parity with WiiU to start but then lose it once the other consoles hit.

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2EHO2387d ago

I'm not expecting the wii u to be ultra powerful.... But mark my words on this one it will be a LEAST 2 times better than what PS3 can do. And for me that's fine. Put that along side a great controller , online, and a unk feature you guys will find out about at E3 then you have a winner IMO.

firelogic2387d ago

PS3 is 6 years old since it hit store shelves, 360 is 7. That means the hardware is even older than that. You'd be happy paying $300 for a WiiU that's only 2x more powerful than current-gen systems?

And don't try to say nintendo is going to take a huge loss and sell the thing for $200 because they can't. If it's more powerful, and uses that gimmick controller, they're going to price it extremely aggressively. I mean, they priced the pathetic 3DS at $250! A console that's more powerful than a ps360 plus that controller? expect to pay $400

2EHO2387d ago

Truthfully I think gamers have been spoiled this gen and really don't realize how good the graphics are. The wii u is suppose to run the most complicated games at 1080p. So yes if you told me I had to play games that look like the Zelda HD and Japanese garden tech demoin 1080p 60 fps....I would be fine.

GamingTruth2387d ago

man thats pretty sad since this 6 year old ps3s hardware is still embarrassing anything i have seen from pcs with its exclusive games, the pc graphics industry for gaming sucks

BitbyDeath2387d ago

PC will get better when consoles do.

GamingTruth2385d ago

so how do you explain pc exclusives, bf3 looks great so whats the excuse? pc is smoke and mirrors and ps3 is merkin it

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