Madden 13 Cover Vote Down to the Elite Eight

It started with 32 of the top NFL players in the league. Now there are only 8. Who will you choose?

Find out who's left

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Bleucrunch2478d ago

If these NFL players are smart they would opt out of the madden cover....smh when will they learn that the madden curse is REAL!

Tai_Kaliso2478d ago

There are no such things as curses or anything else that takes away a little thing called free will.

The truth of the matter is that players who (in the past) got the honor of the Madden cover, they came off extremely great years.

In the NFL, its nearly impossible to duplicate some years, especially if your a WR or RB. Running Backs have such a short shelf life in the NFL.

Another truth of the matter is that the NFL is a violent sport and almost every player is injured at one time or another during the season, by week 17 I doubt any player in the NFL is 100% and that is just plain and simple fact.

Bleucrunch2478d ago

So are you going to deny that since Electronic Arts started placing actual NFL players onto their Football as covers that each player has had a dreadful season that year with some players even being hurt the ENTIRE season...come on you gotta say that it is at least a little peculiar bro.

Tai_Kaliso2478d ago

As I said, stats change year to year and injuries happen to everyone.

If you need proof, Drew Brees had a stellar year after being on the cover.

You are basically focusing on a single player that plays a rough sport. Nothing magical about it.

ftwrthtx2478d ago

People are probably voting for the persons they want hurt.

Emilio_Estevez2478d ago

No way, the curse isn't 100%, looked it up the other day. I voted for Cruz!

Tonester9252478d ago

This better be the best Madden I ever played. They need a new physics engine. Something similar to BackBreakers

Mikeyy2478d ago

I skipped madden 12. People claim 12 is "different" but i dont believe it. Not sure if im getting 13. Im just a casual madden player at best, i dont like sports games.