Wii U games 'look just as good' as PS3, but it's still 'not as capable'

Dev sources claim AI, physics likely to suffer

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Emilio_Estevez2389d ago

"I suppose you don't need sophisticated physics to make a Mario game."

Now that is funny, wonder which dev was so snarky about it.

ps360wiihdera2389d ago

You can bet your a** that Wii U will be more capable than PS360

PirateThom2389d ago

Really? Can I?

There's still no proof of the Wii U's capabilities so it's all rumour, good or bad.

JsonHenry2389d ago

There is simply now way (assuming the specs leaked in several places were correct) that this system is not capable of out performing both the PS3 and the Xbox360.

DX10 video card, 1.5megs of RAM, and a 4-6 core IBM CPU with an improved architecture over the one in the 360 would simply demolish what the current gen consoles can accomplish.

Again, that is assuming the specs above are even close. With all this talk from devs I am beginning to think the big N has decided to tone things down a bit from what we have been told sold so far.

linkratos2389d ago (Edited 2389d ago )


Yes you can. Many PS360 fanboys say it themselves every time there is a story saying that the Wii U will be more powerful than this gen's consoles.

They complain, "This shouldn't even be a story! Of course it will be more powerful! It BETTER be!"

Also while there is no proof, every positive rumor has come from a big name publisher, while every negative rumor has come from some anonymous no name developer.

Arksine2389d ago

I think from a GPU perspective it will be more capable. However its certianly possible that the CPU will be toned down to lower costs, and as the article says that would affect physics and AI.

In the end I think the Wii U will satisfy the core Nintendo audience, but like the Wii it will probably be left behind by 3rd party developers. It should be on par with the PS3/360, but it doesn't sound like its going to approach the Orbis/Durango.

WrAiTh Sp3cTr32389d ago

You would have to be rather stupid to think it wouldn't be more powerful than a 6 year old console.

Etseix2389d ago

who knows, we haven't seen the full power of the ps3 or xbox360, aleready saw the tech demo of Quantic Dream "Kara" ? damn, when i saw that, i knew exactly that we don't need a new gen any time soon (but if it comes, its stil cool )

SilentNegotiator2389d ago (Edited 2389d ago )

Considering that statements (not just rumors) are going back and forth, I'd say that it's likely to be about the same amount of power with some drawbacks and some advantages.

And as long as Nintendo refuses to confirm NATIVE 1080p, I believe that the GPU will only be marginally better than the ps360.

joeorc2389d ago (Edited 2389d ago )

"You can bet your a** that Wii U will be more capable than PS360"

I would not if i was you!

Nintendo has always made great systems in my opinion without the upto date Hardware being in the systems they release. the 3DS for instance is a great system but Hardware spec. wise it's not as robust as many seem to think. Nothing wrong with that because it's always about the Gaming experience, its never really been about the system's spec's in the machine with Nintendo, its always been about the software.

do you know how old the Hardware spec processor that's in the 3DS is?

ARM 11 that's ver 6! Arm released its licence for ARM 11 in 2002! its very robust for what it can do, but on the same token it's far Behind than what is capable in today's ARM core designs.

Like i said this is not really about the Graphic's it's about the CPU inside the system, which may in fact be weaker. That really should not matter since it's the Game's that matter an what the developer's can do with the hardware on hand.

An Nintendo has some of the best tallented developer's in the industry. So in my opinion its not really something to be that worried about.


AI and physics are the most important programming methods. With out that it doesn't matter how great the game looks if you have terrible AI and bad Physics its only half a game at that point.

while what you stated is Quite true in my opinion, there is thing's you do in games with AI an Physic's That can give a great gaming experience without being as taxing on the cpu/clock cycle that what you would need in other game's. It just depends on what type of game you are designing.


The fact that Ibm is making the CPU inside the Nintendo WiiU is nothing really new. the Memory on chip is also nothing new, that's just the evolution of SOC's in design's. the physic's an AI can be effected on How that Chip is designed, depending on what you want the Chip to mainly do. Depending on the design will have or could indeed have an effect on the newer chip, if its design is geared toward something else instead, only so much onboard chip real estate that you have at one time. SOC's while have many combined elements are not the catch all lynchpin for every problem.

gatormatt802389d ago (Edited 2389d ago )

The problem, IMHO, pertains to the Wii's target audience. Most of them will be satisfied just to see Mario and Link and the rest of the Nintendo ensemble in HD graphics. Nintendo's recent history suggests that their next gen console will be equal or just marginally more powerful than the competitions current gen console e.g. the Wii compared to the PS2/XBOX and now the Wii U compared against the PS3/XBOX 360.

NiKK_4192388d ago

All I can say is that it would be really sad if the Wii U is only just as powerful as the PS3 and 360.

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Aaroncls72388d ago

Nintendo at it again.

The streak of selfish decisions remains unbroken.

Poor fucking fans.

ABizzel12388d ago (Edited 2388d ago )

LMAO. WOW the dev. that made the Mario comment made one of the best dev. funnies in a long time. Just wow.

Getting on topic, the Wii U has more RAM (most likely 1GB), and a better GPU than the PS360. The CPU was rumored to be a slightly improved version of the one the 360 used, so based off pure specs. the Wii U is a more powerful console.

I truly believe using the system to stream video to the tablet controller is what's holding the Wii U back. They must have a dedicated amount of CPU working specifically for the tablet which is why it suffer processing issues vs. the PS360.

What the dev. said is true, complicated physics and realism aren't in the majority of Nintendo's franchises so there's no real big push in getting a more expensive processor, and devs. are just going to have to deal with it. What this means is destructible environments aren't going to be comparable to what we've seen in Battlefield 2/3, Killzone 3, Red Faction, etc... But the games will graphically be on par and possibly a bit better than PS360.

So the Wii U looks good, but doesn't have the most brains out of the bunch.

morkendo232388d ago

who cares about the spec's?? long as the game graphic's look better than the wii (cartoony) and mario would look FANTASTIC, better GRAPHIC,GPU

Emilio_Estevez2388d ago

Fantastic compared to what? It will look fantastic compared to Wii/3DS versions, but will just look normal compared to PS3/360 games. Probably still won't look as good as some of them.

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AngelicIceDiamond2389d ago (Edited 2389d ago )

AI and physics are the most important programming methods. With out that it doesn't matter how great the game looks if you have terrible AI and bad Physics its only half a game at that point.

Cosmo8112388d ago

AI sure but physics really isn't THAT important, it's not a quarter of a game.

Yodagamer2389d ago

I'll believe it when we get the name of the developer.

Ravenor2389d ago

I'll believe it when we aren't still pre release. By this logic I never should have expected more from the 360 then what I got in 2005 (Shit) or the PS3 in 2006...I don't need to go into detail about how disappointing that launch line up was technically.

shackdaddy2389d ago (Edited 2389d ago )

I like how all the anonymous "devs" are saying bad things...

Jihaad_cpt2389d ago

it happens with every console. Sony and Microsoft have been on the receiving end of this, and now Nintendo

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