Toshiba debuts HD DVD laptop

Toshiba Corp. on Sunday introduced a laptop computer that can read and record HD DVD discs, the first of its kind.

The news ahead of the International Consumer Electronics Show came two days after Warner Bros. Entertainment said it would stop offering its movies in HD DVD, choosing instead to stick with a competing high-definition video format, Sony Corp.'s Blu-ray. The announcement dealt a potentially fatal blow to HD DVD, which has been championed by Toshiba. Toshiba makes practically all HD DVD players.

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resistance1004030d ago

To little to late, recordable blu-ray laptops have been on the market for month's, the PC community backs blu-ray mainly do to the larger storage space.

I mean a 50GB blu-ray disk could back up all of the average persons files

doshey4030d ago

it could back up all the stuff on my pc well i would need a 25 also but ya a 50 gb could almost hold all of my computer stuff on one disc, instead of 15 disc

TheTwelve4030d ago (Edited 4030d ago )

That won't sell very much at all. Nobody is going to want to spend extra money (over 3 grand!) so that they can have the features of a dead format.


Bonsai12144030d ago

it can still be used as a storage medium, if not a media format. though compatibility could be an issue

marinelife94030d ago

Yeah but if you're the only person in town with a HD-DVD burner you'll never be able to transfer those files onto someone else's computer.

IGNFTW4030d ago


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The story is too old to be commented.