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GR-UK: "Pigeonholed or not, Massive had earned a lot of respect for their multiplayer work. And more specifically they had created great team-based multiplayer experiences in the past. In many ways, Ubisoft Massive is the best kept secret of the Swedish gaming industry."

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Bleucrunch2479d ago

Hmm I like far cry because of the realism of the game...the multiplayer should be the same...It looks like they are trying to make the multiplayer arcade-ish...I don't like that....extra health packs...ammunition no no just keep it RAW and may the smartest shooter win.

1nsomniac2479d ago

No I like the fact that the multi player is taking a different approach to the single player, It mixes up the game play a bit. looks fun!

Hufandpuf2479d ago

They basically copied COD. Domination, really? They couldn't call it something else? The firestorm mode looks cool though and it seems like it takes a lot of teamplay. TDM comes standard. What I didn't like was the fact that you could have so many abilities. It seems like everyone will opt for the health ability the most but we have a lot more to see so its hard to judge just yet.

StayStatic2479d ago (Edited 2479d ago )