Madden NFL 13: Improving the Graphics

GameBandits: "A lot has been said about the graphics in Madden. In terms of emulating the visceral power and tactical eminence of football there are few competitors to the game, but in terms of graphic Madden often falls short."

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Tai_Kaliso2388d ago

Why bother to improve anything? You have the NFL license and so its a monopoly and people will just buy it because its the only game in town.

xXtremeHDGamerXx2388d ago (Edited 2388d ago )


NYC_Gamer2388d ago

How about improving the gameplay?

Crystallis2388d ago

Improve the gameplay. EA has reached it peak with the graphics.

Tonester9252388d ago

They need physics-based blocking/tackling/catching/kic king/shaking/stiff arms/spins/fumbles, like BackBreaker. BackBreaker was a game to show how to make a football game right not to take over. To illustrate how football looks down low to the field, up close to the action, authentic reaction skills. The game punishes you for making bad choices just like in the real NFL.

Madden just seems so stale to me. Maybe because I'm not the hugest Madden player or football follower. But I love Natural Motion for giving football a shot and making people realize that Canned Animation needs to be a thing of the past.

Hopefully NFL 2k comes back and uses the Euphoria Engine and then take over once again.