Far Cry 3: Best player chooses end cinematic -- will you punish or give mercy?

As well as getting a virtual pat on the back from all your teammates for being the hero on your squad who racked up the most points and kills in a Far Cry 3 multiplayer match, Ubisoft has introduced a satisfying reward for those who come out on top.

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TekoIie2388d ago

Oh God thats a good idea. While its pretty obvious people will 99% of the time choose punish its pretty cool that the best player gets the choice. Seems like a nice reward to say well done for doing the best :)

bigcupofSTFU2388d ago

ah great, i was worried there was not going to be multiplayer. multipayer was grat due to custom maps

pr0digyZA2388d ago

I hope this doesn't get old after the 50th time you've seen the cinematic, although I suppose the real question is if most people will still be playing the multiplayer that long.

IIC0mPLeXII2388d ago

Awesome because its not enough that im the whole team, now when I lose I get to watch the other team personally rub it in my face. Oh joy! And with the chat channel open so I can hear all the diragatory remarks, cool crytek.

pr0digyZA2388d ago

Whats crytek got to do with it?