Dear Capcom, please add 3D support to Steel Battalion

Steel Battalion looks like one game at least that would do very well with 3D support. It's time to ask Capcom to consider its inclusion.

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slavish2480d ago

this would really work well with this game!

Akuma-2479d ago (Edited 2479d ago )

You can get tomatoes from a supermarkets rubbish bin but if you want proper ones you need to go inside the supermarket.

If you want proper 3d on a game console then get a ps3

Sanetoshi2480d ago

Definitely seems like a game that would be improved with 3D

RaidensRising2480d ago

Yeah, 3D would be awesome for this. Regardless of which, certainly got my hopes pinned on this Kinect game.

Dlacy13g2479d ago

Dear Capcom... please just make this game good first and foremost. Add 3D later if you feel like it but focus 100% on making this game great for launch and nail the mechanics. I do not want to see you pulling resources to tack on 3D at this point... make this game great first!