Let’s Stop Pretending iPad Gaming Isn’t For Gamers

Kotaku: "What gamers don't seem to get is that the iPhone, iPad, and other mobile devices don't need to replace our consoles. They're separate entities. And they're good enough on their own."

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dedicatedtogamers2441d ago

No, Kotaku. Let's stop pretending iPad gaming is ENOUGH for gamers.

iPad is a distraction, nothing more. Name ANY game genre, with the possible exception of puzzle games, and the iPad comes up short. RPGs? PC/consoles/handhelds are a much better bet. Racing games? PC/consoles/handhelds are a much better bet. FPSs? Hah! PC/consoles/handhelds are a much better bet. Platformers, space sims, flight sims, strategy games, RTSs, empire builders, fighting games, 3rd-person shooters, action-adventure games...the list goes on.

iPad gaming is for gamers? Please, I'm waiting with baited breath for the day that might come true, but for now, no way.

ps360wiihdera2441d ago (Edited 2441d ago )

What gamers are you referring to - those obsessive fat dorks who live in their moms basement and cling to their ps360z??

The iPad is an awesome device all round and some cranky playstation fundamentalists are living in extreme denial and fear.

Anyway, I just keep in mind that nothing is ever ENOUGH for video-game addicts who use the word "gamer"... *sigh*... I should laugh at you, but that would be cruel. Your lives have enough problems as it is.

In short: iPad ftw!!!1

dedicatedtogamers2441d ago

You sound like an advertisement.

I have an iPhone with a slew of iOS games and I have sunk at least 10 hours into the iPad trying...TRYING to see the point (my wife once wanted one) to no avail. The games simply aren't there. And the few games that ARE there are rapidly finding their way to other platforms.

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firefoxprime2441d ago (Edited 2441d ago )

Seriously, ps360wii?? Was it even necessary to lump gamers into one ignorant and biased pov? The fact you needed to insult people already diminishes your credibility.

What if I said all apple owners are mindless sheep that run to their "weak" upgraded apple products? Does that make my views any more important? No. It makes me look like an ass. And so do you.

The iPad is like a phone with a built in calculator. Sure I can do simple math, but you whip out a Texas Instrument if you really wanna crunch some numbers. Same difference.

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Machioto2441d ago

@ps360 No one is doubting the iPad as a device it's just not dedicated to gaming as a handheld and lacks proper controls and if devs wanted to add more functionality via controls the iPad falls short.

Smashbro292441d ago

Genius. The iPad iPhone etc are absolutely fine for what they do. The games however are all reminiscent of the games I used to play on and an only touch device will never be better or even close to buttons.

Akiba962440d ago

@ps360wiihdera Wow. People like you make me hate this site. Seriously, you are just throwing out blind insults to back up your unsupported opinion.

iceman062440d ago

It seems like you have an axe to grind with the "gaming" community at large. You have used the oldest and frankly the most illogical stereotype against gamers as a means of somehow proving a point that really can't be made. That the iPad is a gaming device. It is not. It is, however, a device that offers plenty of games.
I don't believe most will tell you that there are NO games on the iPad. What people are saying is that those experiences are NOT like the ones that they can have on dedicated gaming machines.
Most people, if they are being objective, will admit that the iPad is a cool piece of tech. It is awesome for what it was designed to do. However, they will also say that the gaming experiences do lack what they can get on consoles and to some extent on handhelds that were created for the purpose of gaming.
In the end, gaming can be found in many places. The internet has a slew of flash games. Facebook is rife with games. However, most of these can't replace the experiences that can be had on dedicated devices. That is the point.

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Indigo1232441d ago

Nice try kotaku, but nothing you said proved anything you wanted to...............

You keep playing chaos rings, and ports of older square classics

I will play dw monsters remake 1, kingdom hearts, rocket slime 3, bravely default, ff rythmn on a real platform

dark-hollow2441d ago

Why can't we accept that those are two different markets for two different crowds.

Doesn't mean that core gamer can't enjoy iPad games but doesn't mean also that iPad games will takeover consoles.

More like TV shows and movies.
One can't kill the other because they serve both different crowds.

Anon19742441d ago (Edited 2441d ago )

I couldn't agree more. I don't know understand this subset of gamers that get's their backs up whenever the Ipad/Iphone is mentioned. Gamers are gamers and I don't care if you game on your Atari 2600, your 360, your vita or you sit and play minesweeper all day.

I've also never understood how "limited" the touchscreen is. It's no different than using a mouse to point and click your way through games, except it's point and tap. No one ever complains that a mouse is limiting gamers. The mobile devices can also add buttons onscreen to compliment the touch mechanic, and on top of that you have motion sensing abilities. If you can't find a way to play with those controls at your fingertips, I don't know what to say to you.

For mobile games on the go, I'd much rather play on a 3DS or a Vita - if all I'm doing is gaming but when you consider how fully featured the iphone/ipads are, and the fact that they do real games on top of all that, how could anyone in their right mind say there isn't something to these devices? As for the argument that there's no decent games - all that proves is you simply haven't been looking. There's some absolute gems available and the indie community is really taking advantage of these platforms.

As I said, give me a dedicated gaming handheld over an ipad or iphone any day but it's foolish to simply dismiss these devices or their gaming potential.

Rearden2441d ago

True, but the iPad/iPhone is taking market share from the more casual gamers who used to play on a DS/PSP. Now the iPhone offers almost the same level of entertainment, at much lower prices and better convenience.

gtxgamer22441d ago

Sure, you can play games on it. BUT, its not a true gaming device

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