Orbis: The Next-Gen PlayStation Takes Shape

(GamesIndustry International) Backing away from Cell may well surprise or even upset some, but it's entirely in keeping with a firm looking to extract maximum performance from its overall silicon budget - and it's exactly the same strategy the firm employed for PlayStation Vita, licensing established technology from the best in the business and concentrating its own efforts on superior development tools. Some may lament that the era of exotic, vision-driven hardware from Sony that characterised the Kuturagi era is over, but it's safe to say that a combination of non-standard, challenging architecture and lacking devtools contributed significantly to the PS3's uncertain early start.

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Stuart57562387d ago

Next gen is so close I can taste it!

BattleTorn2387d ago

I find it hilarious the titles these speculation article come up with, they always word it in a way that if one were to read the title in a literal sense it would mean it's more than mere speculation - when that's never the case.