Sony DVD Move Deals Blow to Microsoft

Richard Waters writes:

The high definition video strategies of Toshiba and Microsoft have been thrown into disarray on the eve of the consumer electronics industry's biggest trade event of the year, following a landmark movie deal secured by rival Sony.

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nice_cuppa4033d ago


we get it.

how about some articles on gaming.

socomnick4033d ago

yea it seems there are more articles on hddvd and blueray than gaming articles.

TANOD4033d ago

you have a tech section is N4G

HD DVD related news make you smile.

VICE VERSA for BD news make you shiver

CES 2008 is going.

expect more TECH RELATED news in the upcoming DAYS

MaximusPrime4033d ago

here's the solution - go and play your xbox 360.

nice_cuppa4033d ago (Edited 4033d ago )

ps3, xbox360, wii, pc, ds and psp game news makes me smile this constant movie stuff is annoying the crap out of me.

you need to stop with this fanboy b.s.

well MaximusPrime i plan on playing halo 3 later but im busy with uncharted at the moment.


Megaton4033d ago (Edited 4033d ago )

I agree. I've been a Blu-Ray fan since before most of you probably even heard about it (I was in a test group for it several years ago), but this continuing stampede of repeat articles really is getting kind of annoying. We know it's a big blow to anyone supporting HD-DVD, so stop posting a new article everytime someone on the internet posts a new blog/article telling us that.

My opinion on this whole Warner story: Good show Warner. Put an end to this nonsense once and for all. HD-DVD has one foot in the grave, and the other on a banana peel. All that's left is contract expiration between them and Universal/Paramount.

TANOD...well what can I say, you are who you are. I'd hope that you'd at least care about making this site full of quality articles instead of repeats, despite your agenda, but here we are...

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MK_Red4033d ago

Does anyone have the full article? It asks me to register :(

quiddd4033d ago (Edited 4033d ago )

sour grapes..........?

Had there been a warner bros. logo painted in red, I still got a feeling it would've made it's way on N4G...........

and the articles about the move would've as well...........

and the pie chart also.

And those that supported HDDVD..........I surmise not as much as a peep about those articles not belonging here.

lodossrage4033d ago

If warner would have chosen hd dvd, there would have been just as many hd dvd dominate news articles all over n4g.

Which is why people shouldn't be too mad about it. Although most of the people "angry" about it are hd dvd fans.

But speaking as a blu ray man, even I myself must say there might be a tad too many postings of similar articles on the subject lol

Lumbo4033d ago


I only have PS2/PS3/PSP (and a Wii, but i lend it to a friend 6 month ago and did not miss it one second so far) and naturally i only buy BluRay discs, so how would it be "sour grapes" for me?
STILL this constant and repeated posting of THE SAME information is not NEWS. It is boring and no one wants to read the same freaking article a 100times.

Enough with the warner move newsposts unless it is actually something NEW, not the same info that has been posted 50times already.

tfur4033d ago

I saw this posted on another forum...


Warbletot4033d ago

Classic line, classic movie. Now what the f--- are we gonna dooo...
Applies well in this case.

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