The Concept Behind the VMU Should be Resurrected Within our Smart Phones.

Adorkably's Travis Conklin writes: "Back in the day, which happened to be a Thursday, I watched my friend come into middle school carrying a little device playing a game. I then realized that he wasn’t using a Gameboy Color or some cruddy knock of portable system, he had a VMU from his Dreamcast. Now that Dreamcast has been long gone and dead, I really do miss that little device, I want it back.

Why did this portion of the Dreamcast have to die, it was a brilliant concept which allowed you to carry your saves anywhere, play games that related to and actually could affect the your games at home. Since consoles now come with rather large hard drives I can understand why the memory card portion went by the wayside, but the mobile gaming premise should have gone on to live through other means."

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DigitalRaptor2484d ago

Or within our gaming handhelds?

Vita & 3DS are perfectly capable of pulling this sort of thing off. Much love to Sega for their VMUs - ahead of their time indeed!

GrieverSoul2484d ago (Edited 2484d ago )

I dont see why we cant mine planets in Mass Effect in an Android app (a rude one) while going to work and then sync it with my PS3/X360 game via EA account.