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Warriors Orochi 3 begins several years after the events of Warriors Orochi 2, with a decisive battle against a multi-headed serpent known as the Hydra. This giant phantom serpent has once again thrust the peaceful world back into chaos. Many warriors are killed, and the serpent appears to be unbeatable. However, the Moon Princess Kaguya appears and uses the power of time travel to send back the last remaining generals to the past to saveElectronic Theatre Image their fallen comrades. While these heroes are the stars of the show, Warriors Orochi 3 isn’t about to limit you to three warriors. In fact, the development team at Omega Force has pulled out all the stops in this regard, delivering the largest quantity of playable characters from any Warriors title yet.

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mathsman2392d ago

There is online co-op. There has been for three games now.


You can join and create online games,co-op battlegrounds.