Why Wii U’s Power Doesn’t Matter

The reports that the Wii U isn’t as powerful as the XBox 360 and Playstation 3 are about as worrisome as a cloudy day. Here's why.

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slavish2482d ago

wait so now it doesn't matter?

LOGICWINS2482d ago

It never Nintendo fans at least.

ChickeyCantor2482d ago (Edited 2482d ago )

That's not true at all.
Yes many have said that Gameplay precedes graphics in priority.

But no one is denying that more processing powers make sure there is advancements.

Nintendo still did a great job with their games regardless of the hardware. Even if it was just at PS3/360 level, their games would be marvelous non the less.

I myself don't care if there is an octo-core in there. I'm just glad Nintendo is finally putting effort in advancing themselves( apposed to the wii )

slavish2482d ago

i have read alot of forums of nintendo fans being soooooooooooooooo happy they were get a system better then ps360. Also that it would be the best system out for atleast a year

gameplayingfool2482d ago

I'd like more power simply from a gameplay perspective. More power for physics, more power for draw distance, for objects on screen, etc...all of which impact how a game plays, not just looks.

Army_of_Darkness2482d ago

it will be good non the less...
and if nintendo doesn't have that stupid blocking used game bullshit, then I definitely will consider buying it.

ziggurcat2482d ago (Edited 2482d ago )

and that's why nintendo has been a huge step behind the competition.

i don't buy the whole "we don't need power, gameplay is more important" argument - it's the same as the BS "we don't need blu-ray" argument X360 fans were making. gameplay's important, yes, but quit fooling yourself into thinking that graphics don't matter.

more power means a more versatile library, and who wouldn't want that?

@ army_of_darkness: the next playstation/xbox won't have anti-used game technology, either - don't believe the terrible, unsubstantiated rumours.

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dedicatedtogamers2482d ago

IMO, I wouldn't be bothered if the WiiU was less powerful than its contemporaries. I just want a decent step up from the Wii and lag-free connectivity between the WiiU tablet and the console.

I've never once bought a Nintendo system (console or handheld) for the hardware power. Never.

Baka-akaB2482d ago (Edited 2482d ago )

I'd be bothered , doesnt mean i'll boycott it . People can still be fans and have valid concerns or critics .

Game fandom is increasingly becoming worse than religious zeal . You're quickly nailed the the heretic's cross is you dont like something .

Indigo1232482d ago

not only does it not matter, its irrelevant

if anything it just means its guarenteed the wii u will outsell everything else

neutralgamer192482d ago

Power matters. You cant make a blanket statement and say it doesn't matter to Nintendo fans when their are many wii owners and users that wish at that time they had the money to buy a ps3 or xbox 360 or that their system was just as powerful. Bs tech and weak ports because the system couldnt handle it. Trust me they dont want the same scenario playing out. For nintendo its good because they will sell and make a profit instantly but for consumers nahhhh not true at all whether their Nintendo loyalists or not

Yes Nintendo sold gazillion wiis but how many of those wiis are catching dust? many i know quite a few and if their not someones 5 year old is playing it. So Nintendo wii selling a gazillion regardless of weak tech did not benefit the consumers but just Nintendo.

If wii u is just on par with the ps3 and xbox 360 or weaker that is a shame. That means that once again Nintendo owners will be shafted and getting the weaker ports of games when the ps4 and next xbox come out which matters.

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