Silent Hill producer hopes studios have guts to invest in "scare design"

The future of the horror genre is a murky one as before everything "clicked" in the early days of the genre, even the "clunky combat, confusing cameras" and other shortcomings.

Now "everyone fixed the combat" resulting in "action games with creepier monsters." Real horror comes from "frightening gameplay happening naturally" with choice scares thrown in.

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KrimsonKody2390d ago

To be honest;
Silent Hill has held up pretty well over the years, remaining to its roots with the scare factor & eerieness.
Yeah, in some areas, it could use a little re-inventing, but Silent Hill doesn't need much work. It would be nice to see the franchise take over as the #1 "go to" survivor/horror game.

It would be cool if they remake the 1st four (including The Room) into one big game/story. Put more focus on how those four games are connected. Then from there, they can pretty much makeover the whole franchise (to some degree), if they chose to.

ritsuka6662390d ago

I hope FLOPNAMI bring back Team Silent Hill.. ( yeha it's impossible but i have hope)

Ramas2390d ago

why imposible? its all about the money if they wish to do that and pay well they could get that team back.
p.s. i like downpour as well as shattered memories even without team silent. Oh and silent hill 4 was quite ok game too.
The only 2 gamesthat i did not liked was the one on psp origins or something and homecomming was not so good, but i do not regret at all completing it once.