Aliens Colonial Marines: In Space, no one can hear you team-kill

We travel to Gearbox, play multiplayer

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IIC0mPLeXII2392d ago

Call of colonial Marines?

humbleopinion2391d ago

Didn't Aliens predate COD by just a tiny bit?
And if anything, Aliens seems to be much closer to Halo, down to the facehuggers, the sarge and the motion detectors...

IIC0mPLeXII2391d ago

Yeah it did. Speaking of which, last time I checked AVP2 had no ADS, wow wonder where they got that idea.

humbleopinion2391d ago

Vietcong? Hidden & Dangerous? Any of those ring a bell? Both games also predated COD.

Not to mention, even counterstrike (the retail version of which was co-developed by Gearbox) had ADS for some of the weapons, and Gearbox has used ADS since in both the Brother In Arms series as well as Borderlands. You need to realize that there's a whole world of games except COD.

Also, AVP isn't really related to this game except from (partially) sharing half the IP.

Veni Vidi Vici2392d ago

Boy I want this game to be good. I like the way TDM is setup. I just hope there are other MP gametypes. It'd be cool if they had a gametype like L4D and another gametype where you have to go get parts and put them together at a central location. For example, maybe you have to find parts to make a beacon to get rescued. Parties go out to get certain parts to bring them back at a "base" but if they all go and leave the base unattended, the aliens could sabotage the parts you've already brought back. All this while aliens and marines are still fighting each other.

So many aliens games have been bad. Please don't screw this up Gearbox.

IIC0mPLeXII2390d ago

Understand that the comment is disappointment directed toward the inclusion of a feature that wasn't in previous installemtns of the franchise. Im sorry I would of liked a return to the days where the aliens and avp franchise was its own unique entity. Im fully aware of the shooter universe outside of cod thanks. But I expect to see similarities of course, like the inclusion of a sprint feature, ads, some type of perk system, and im sure regenerative health. Sad that has to be included to move units.