Final Fantasy XIII-2 Ultros Battle DLC Gameplay

Take on Ultros and Typhon with DLC for Final Fantasy XIII-2.

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Snookies122443d ago

*sigh* There goes my hope to hear a remixed FFVI boss theme or something for this. While the character model itself looks fantastic, I don't know how I feel about the voice. :\

no_more_heroes2443d ago

question: Ultros "supposed" to be like that, right?

Snookies122443d ago

Phrase-wise? Yes, he's supposed to say things like that, but I dunno about the hearts popping up and the blushing. That's a little odd haha. Can't remember if he ever did stuff like that in VI... Which is sad, because I played that game through like 7 times. XD

ALICE6662442d ago (Edited 2442d ago )

Is it bad that I bought this game just for Ultros? :(

Only thing closest to a FF6 remake. lol.