Pokémon MMORPG in the works

A group of fans of the Pokémon series have come together to develop an MMORPG which users can now access for free.

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majiebeast2483d ago

This is gonna be shutdown so fast. How nintendo hasnt made a pokemon mmo yet is beyond me.

Indigo1232482d ago

this gen weve seen nintendo do

a pokemon action rpg, a pokemon dungeon crawler, a pokemon srpg

what more do you want from them?

kamruk2482d ago

This :D a straight up plain pokemon game that's an mmo

Arksine2482d ago

Yep, the countdown is on to a cease and desist letter from Nintendo.

I'd peg the over/under at 48 hours.

Spenok2482d ago

I agree, which sucks. Nintendo is only throwing money out the window by not making an MMO out of Pokemon honestly.

kamruk2482d ago

Same here, I really love the idea and I'm surprised to only hear from it now that its in beta, but I cannot see how Nintendo would let this slide.

dark-hollow2482d ago

I think is that they don't the handheld versions to compete with the console version and vice versa.

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Xbigygames2482d ago

Nintendo will shut this down asap. Can't see it lasting long. Would have thought they would have made this earlier...

TopDudeMan2482d ago

Aww, I don't want a fanmade one, I want a nintendo one.

Reborn2482d ago

This would work so well, if Nintendo did it. (since anyone else who does, will get eaten)

Said it before, why they haven't shifted their focus onto attempting it.. is beyond me.

sjaakiejj2482d ago

I'm surprised they have the guts to call this a beta version of the game. I'd call this an alpha version at best, and judging by the vid there isn't a whole lot to do that has anything to do with online, except for some players running around. I wonder if they sorted out any legal issues, though probably not..

It doesn't look like a whole lot of thought went into the actual programming of the game either, with a seemingly complete absence of state systems.

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