GameTap previews WorldShift: 'Here's a fun letter combo for you: MMORTS.'

A typical real-time strategy game usually involves a bunch of dirt-farmers milling the ground for dilithium crystals or somesuch, then using the funds generated from said dirt-farming to construct buildings which then churn out a variety of units. Then you just have your motley army of units go around and shoot/hit your opponents until one of you gets wiped out.

However, the designers at Black Sea Studios aren't going for that farm-build-kill formula for their new RTS. Instead, they're using a wholly different formula for World Shift: that of the massively multiplayer online game.

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TheIneffableBob4031d ago

I started becoming interested in this game after reading ShackNews's preview.

Lagman834031d ago

Kinda sounds like warcraft 3 that allows you to save the stuff you find on your hero. Its an interesting combo, however if they charge for it then it probably won't get too far. WoW pretty much has a vice grip on the wallets of all the serious MMO players.

Relientk774031d ago

this game looks sick i cant wait for it