Tetsuya Nomura Talks About Kingdom Hearts 3, Confirms the End of Xehanort

GR: "Tetsuya Nomura has played up the development of Kingdom Hearts 3 (or whatever the next game in the Kingdom Hearts series happens to be) in the latest issue of Famitsu."

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RedDead2483d ago (Edited 2483d ago )

**** off talking about stuff to early again. Finish and hype versus, then move onto Kh and make it while hyping it. I bet a bloody trailer will come out at E3 and nomura will be like "see ya in 7 years".

DOn't let this article get yer hopes up KH fans, Nomura has been working on Versus since it was revealed. Don't let that fool you into thinking the rest of the team is also working on it right now.

dark-hollow2483d ago

ffxiiivs will be a ps5 launch title.

no_more_heroes2483d ago

At least he's gotten somewhere with FFvXIII. I wonder if he's even picked up the pencil he uses for concept art to start anything REMOTELY resembling KH3.


CarlitoBrigante2483d ago

I dont even care for Kingdom Hearts, theyve put more spinoff titles then main titles. Ive played only KH1 and 2, soon itll be 10 years when I finished them, yet here they're still giving us spinoffs on handhelds.

Very bad franchising model

ReservoirDog3162482d ago

If you're gonna play any of the spinoffs, play Birth By Sleep. It has a very good story, fills in some very important details and literally has the best combat out of any KH game.

Honestly, playing BBS got me really excited for FFvsXIII cause the combat's gonna be built from where BBS left off.

Aither2482d ago (Edited 2482d ago )

Its funny how an amazing series like Uncharted was released within 4 years, yes that is 3 games on the market in 4 years. Yet Square Enix can't even get one single game on the shelves in 6 years.

FFvsXIII was announced back in 2006 and we still haven't even gotten a release date for it. Now they expect us to be hyped for KH3 after talking about a little tid-bit? Whoopie freakin do!

I was hyped for KH3 after I finished KH2 which was, again, 6 years ago! I am not going to wait another 6 years for the 3rd one to come out, no thank you. It's bad business when the fans of your franchise started out as young teens playing the first game, and are now adults who need to worry about work and family by the time the 3rd game comes out, very bad business.

And people wonder why Japanese gaming market is doing bad right now!? It's because your fans base is sick of paying for bad sequels, or turning 90 before the franchise is complete!

DigitalAnalog2483d ago

I thought he was focusing solely on versus now that he's done with Agito and Parasite Eve? Seriously, Square better stop overworking this chap as he may actually collapse from overstress.

C_Menz2483d ago

Well, if Versus finally gets a full reveal at E3 this year and releases Nov/Dec then his work would largely be done by now since it'll mainly be polishing and removing bugs.

TheDivine2483d ago

Idk care i get Kingdom Hearts DDD soon, kh3 can f*** off. That is not going to be a current gen game guys, vs13 might barely make it out before the new xbox and ps4. They hyped ps3 owners with vids of games they wouldnt even start for 5 years. Its like the naked snake sample for 3ds showing what a mgs "could" look like not saying they were working on it.

-MD-2483d ago

I really want to see an HD collection for KH. I never got a chance to play KH2.

Zynga2483d ago

Just make the HD collection already so that we can all be happy with that for a while.

Sevir2483d ago

BBS:Final mix, KH1:Final mix, Re:CoM, and KH2:Final mix! That way you get the full story!

Redtide2483d ago

HD collection would be nice

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