Bonus Round Episode 18: Part 1 - Game Journalism 101

Do you trust game journalism? How do game journalists work with game companies? Do publishers ever blacklist game magazines and websites for bad reviews?

Bonus Round's panel takes you inside the sometimes contentious relationship between journalists and game publishers.

The guests are:

• Tiffany Spencer, VP of Communications, Brash Entertainment
• Daniel Hsu, Editor in Chief, EGM
• Ryan Schneider, Marketing and Community, Insomniac Games

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nice_cuppa4028d ago

were is the rest of it ?

Skerj4028d ago

Probably to get more hits for the subsequent parts, which would ironically bolster my mistrust in most gaming media.

BloodySinner4028d ago (Edited 4028d ago )

Geoff Keighley should invite ex-GameSpot employee Jeff Gerstmann on the show. Hahahahaha!