Fable: The Journey: The official box art

The box art for Fable: The Journey.

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callahan092390d ago

Fable 2 still had the best cover. It featured a sword (melee weaponry) and gun (ranged weaponry) prominently and also gave a magical vibe with the non-gun-wielding hand dipped in the pond to reveal an altered reflection. You have the juxtaposition of the character as good/pure and as evil, representing the impact of your choices. It was a lofty cover, that was nicely drawn and showed off all the major aspects of the game.

What does this cover show me? There is nothing displaying how player choice impacts your character, and there's just a display of magic ability, no weaponry? Honestly, it does a fine job of showing how the game has been pared back and simplified from the previous iterations of the series.

Convas2390d ago

Uggh, all thanks to Peter Molyneux. I'm so happy he's gone. Maybe Lionhead can actually give us a Fable RPG next time around.

MoFo11112390d ago

Agreed.Some of the decisions they made for Fable 3 just boggle the mind.It could have been a great game

AusRogo2390d ago Show
Tai_Kaliso2390d ago

I like the cover art, maybe this will be Kinect's Sorcery?

As long as it keeps some of the original sense of the Fable games than I'll give it a try. I love the Fable universe and I like my Kinect, so this is one of the games I'll have extremely high hopes for.