Gorgeous HD Panoramic Skyrim Screenshots; captured in 8K Resolution

DSOGaming writes: "These panoramic shots were captured in a 8K resolution, were stitched together with Kolor Autopano Giga and were slightly adjusted with PS CS5. For obvious reasons, we resized them to a more appropriate resolution. These shots will also give you an idea of how Skyrim looks when played on PC with three monitors."

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Hazmat132441d ago

man if they released this when oblivion was just released the world would crap itself we come along way in terms of graphics and storytelling in video games... well except for fallout still waiting for them to upgrade the damn engine.

ChrisW2441d ago (Edited 2441d ago )

"For obvious reasons, we resized them to a more appropriate resolution."


We cannot tell from the screen shots. They're so small that they could easily be pre-HD pack. They should know very well that ungodly larger [true size] screen shots are seriously needed for showing off 8K resolution.

BitbyDeath2441d ago

Screenshots are way too small.
Should give the option for all sizes going up to 8k.
These could be 360 or PS3 shots for all we know.

therealwillie2441d ago

Yup, could be just a massive fov and cropped lol, retarded, if they are 8k let us see them in 8k