Has Vita turned you onto digital distribution?

With just over a month passed since its release, the most downloaded Vita games are revealed. What are people buying the most?

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THC CELL2391d ago

I really like owning physical games as it feels like I own something

Sharingan_no_Kakashi2390d ago

It certainly has. Convenience of not having carry cartridges plus the games are cheaper. Of course I would only do this for a handheld.

SandWitch2390d ago

Funny thing is that the author of the article hopes to get a warranty for a memory card. Why the heck memory card needs a warranty? It does not have moving parts = it won't break by itself

RankFTW2389d ago

Quite the opposite actually. On my PC I have been downloading games for the last few years, I run 4 Samsung F3 in raid 0 so space isn't a problem. Now on Vita I am limited to my 16gig card so have to be more conscientious about space.

izumo_lee2389d ago

No it really has not but it has given me the option if i so choose which is all that matters really.

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