SSX - Pre-Order DLCs free for all from today

EA today announced that the Pre-Order DLC of SSX will be available free for all from today.

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Yi-Long2389d ago

... but then I read the article and there's no mention of Mt. Fuji!?

That's disappointing.

guitarded772389d ago (Edited 2389d ago )

Mt Fuji is exclusive to PlayStation until 08/29/12. At least that's what the back of the SSX box says.

Yeah, I can't believe how horrible they are... giving us free DLC. I too wonder what other evil deeds they are plotting indeed.

MrBeatdown2389d ago (Edited 2389d ago )

The worst company in America strikes again!

I can't help but wonder what other evil deeds they are plotting!

Soldierone2389d ago

If free DLC makes a company evil then we need more evil companies....

MrBeatdown2389d ago

I hope you still have the warranty on that sarcasm detector.

Soldierone2389d ago

I was just playing along, perhaps yours is broken lol

MrBeatdown2389d ago (Edited 2389d ago )

Mine is just a bunch of paper clips and a pinwheel stuck in a piece of gum. I don't think it ever worked to begin with.

Soldierone2389d ago

I'd replace the piece of gum with Big Red, i did that when my pin wheel started red ringing. ;)

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kza2389d ago

Yes, never thought id say this but thanks EA!!

Croash2389d ago

I don't see a reason to thank EA.
They're simply letting players who bought the game have access to the on-disc content that was locked before the game's release.

Of course they could have charged for that, but the way I see it, not doing it doesn't deserve any praise and doing it deserves insults.

Just give us complete games. Out of all the games I've bought in the past few months, Rayman Origins is the only one that hasn't asked me to use a code or to buy DLCs online to have access to the entire game.

Oh and that Fuji exclusivity is bullshit. Just look at SSX 3! Everyone had the same game and everyone was happy (unless you owned it on a Gameboy Advance).
It doesn't matter how much I enjoyed playing through the demo, I simply can't support such practices.

kza2389d ago

yh good point, i take bk my praise lol.

rdgneoz32389d ago

Fuji isn't that bad, its only like 1 peak with like 2 main tracks (you can start at the top or half way down). It wasn't like 3 peaks with 3 main tracks each or such.
MS has down the same thing with DLC, just look at GTA 4, MW3, I think Skyrim as well, etc. Though with Fuji, it was free for everyone that purchased the PS3 version.