Male Gamers: Sexist?

Anyone who’s been online knows this one simple fact: anonymity breeds stupidity. People generally feel they can say whatever they want because its online, because they’re safe behind their monitor. This sort of mentality has bled over to the gaming form, be it MMO’s or Xbox Live, gamers say awful things. I’ve heard everything from general cursing, racial slurs or simple personal attacks. More often than not these (generally) come from the mouth’s of people that sound too young to drive, let alone actually CAPABLE of teabagging someone. But above all else if a girl is EVER heard over a headset, sexist remarks just fly. So are gamers truly sexist? Or just plain stupid?

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joeyisback2479d ago

never tell a female to get in the kitchen and do there job thats where the knifes are kept might get stab also ive heard kids on psn and xbl talk trash but yet its funny there mom has to buy there games for them since they aint old enough but yet talking trash i remember other day on cod heard some kid maybe 12 yrs old telling some girl in the lobby to go fix him something to eat next thing i know i heard his mom yelling at him and could hear him getting his azz beat by his mom for being disrespectful wish one day we could reach thru the tv and smack the f outta them kids that talk smack

dedicatedtogamers2479d ago (Edited 2479d ago )

The very title "Male gamers: sexist?" is sexist, because it assumes that all male gamers fall into the same category.

But of course, saying the very obvious explanation "Sexist people: sexist?" wouldn't make a very eye-catching headline, now would it?

Saryk2479d ago

Totally agree! I am a husband for 20+ years and a father for 10+ years. One rule I teach is that everyone is the same and to respect everyone.

iceman062478d ago

Actually, the title is fine because it is posed as a question. If it were a blanket statement, then it would indeed be sexist. I DO agree that the title "Sexist people: sexist?" is more toward the point. But, as you stated, it wouldn't have made a catchy headline.
Sexism is an issue in gaming, much as it is in reality. But it is usually the same immature people with anonymity as their veil, that ruin games for others that aren't women, such as homosexuals and minorities. Unfortunately, they think that it is somehow funny and fun to do so.
In the end, stupid is as stupid does.

Neoprime2479d ago

Yeah but it's not usaully kids that do this but teenagers/adults that are like this, you see all type anti-female speech in places like Gametrailers and GameF.A.Q..

Smashbro292479d ago

There's bad apples in every group. Get used to it. Report them and move on.

glennco2478d ago

not just gamers, teen boys in general. when their role models are uneducated dumbass rappers what do you expect. this is something that lately has been discussed for schools. but in general, sexism seems to be on the rise. of course hiding behind the internet doesn't help either