LSU Players Use Video Games to Prepare; The PlayAction Simulator

MSNBC reports: "When practice is over and film study is done, LSU quarterbacks, as most college kids do, play video games.

The difference is Matt Flynn and Ryan Perrilloux are usually still working on the game plan for the BCS national championship game against Ohio State when they fire up the Xbox these days.

LSU offensive coordinator Gary Crowton has used a custom-made video game to help his quarterbacks learn to read defenses".

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Darkiewonder4567d ago

Geaux Tigers.

Maybe that's why they've been winning games ;3

HaKeRsCanRotINHEL4567d ago

if LSU's defense shows up, OSU doesn't stand a snowball's change in the Louisiana humidity or Hell! ;) GEAUX TIGERS!!!

shortax4567d ago

LSU is Healthy now they will show up to play

lynx1halo4567d ago