GameInformer gives 8.5/10 to PS3 UT3

Here is what the reviewer said :-

"Even though every last bit of content from the PC version is here – including the ability to download mods and tweaks – I would recommend anyone with a decent gaming rig to go the keyboard/mouse route instead. UT's weapons were clearly designed with mouse precision in mind, making it difficult to use the shock rifle, sniper rifle, or rocket launcher to their full potential. Additionally, vehicles control much worse on the Sixaxis; it'll take an awfully long time to get used to the substandard control.

Nonetheless, when the blood is flowing and the taunts are flying, Unreal Tournament 3 transcends these niggling issues and becomes one of the better ways to get your online multiplayer fix. Getting that "Flak Master!" award never gets old, and it's no less satisfying to crush the enemy from your couch than it is from your desk in the end.


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Rybnik4565d ago

HELLO!!!! PS3 supports keyboard and mouse. ARRRGGGG. I usually respect game informer (I even subscribe) but when obvious, well known facts are ignored, it really pisses me off!!

Cacolaco4562d ago (Edited 4562d ago )

Yeah, that article does lose points for implying that the PS3 version does not support keyboard and mouse. And seriously, anyone who owns a PS3 should have a mouse and keyboard for it. I hate entering text with the Sixaxis....

Having said that, they are totally right about the poor vehicle control with the Sixaxis. Why couldn't they have made the controls more like Warhawk's vehicles?

Doctor Strange4562d ago

Not a bad score but I figured it would have been in the 9's considering that mod support for a console hasn't been down like this before. They should have considered that the PS3 supports mouse and keyboard too.

I agree with some of the vehicles don't control well but UT3 got me hooked and I'm love every minute of it.

Naruto4562d ago

PS3 supports keyboard and mouse