The Agency dev talks PS3 version, Controls, Operations & More

From Game Informer:
"Sony Online Entertainment's upcoming game the Agency is full of "Why hasn't anyone else thought of this," gameplay concepts and ideas. As though the thought of playing an MMO shooter in a slick world of superspies and mercenaries isn't cool enough, the game adds a collectible (and actually functional) Operative system and seemingly plenty to do between intrigue-filled missions. We spoke with lead designer Hal Milton about the game and got him to talk us through a mission, explain how the game got its start and describe how combat works. While he wasn't ready to give up the goods on pricing yet, he gave would-be spies everywhere plenty to ponder between now and when the game is released. "

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JAKESPLACE_4026d ago

It'll definitely be good, check out what I made up on GT in honor of the game: http://forums.gametrailers....

Darkiewonder4028d ago (Edited 4028d ago )

Looks good.

"GI: Can you talk us through a sample mission?

Milton: Our missions are structured to have lighter-weight challenges that take 10-15 minutes, and then we’ll have some that take 30 minutes plus and a limited number of our signature set pieces that take an hour plus."

Oh Yes Please.

and it's not all about shooting each other.

Has Potential? Mos Definitely. Hope they deliver!

They mentioned psp usage. That would be killer for a spy type MMO!

lynx1halo4028d ago (Edited 4028d ago )

has real potential, and looks incredibly reminds me more of how a "this-Gen" Team fortress should have been.....not the crappy TF2 we have now


I know the differences in TF2 and The Agency (MMO vs. FPS) I was describing the feel of the game...........

And TF2 is an absolute piece of garbage..............any true fan who spent numerous hours honing their skills at TF1 will tell you how huge of a letdown TF2 is.......its like they just lost the feeling of the game cant honestly think TF2 > TF1????

MK_Red4028d ago

What do you mean crappy TF2? TF2 has nothing to do with Agency. TF is a team based FPS while Agency is a spy / action MMO. And seriously, TF2 was one of the best games of 2007 and a really incredible multiplayer experience.

PirateThom4028d ago

I don't like TF2... then again, I don't like TF either. I wish so much they put Counterstrike: Source on The Orange Box instead with updates.

MK_Red4028d ago

Now that's an awesome idea. I agree and definitly wish they had the CS:S in Orange Box.

MK_Red4028d ago

I hope they release some new gameplay vid with hopefully improved visuals.

scrillakiller4028d ago

when is the dang release date

Darkiewonder4028d ago (Edited 4028d ago )

"GI: Do you have any kind of vague release window for the game yet?

Milton: I think it’s highly speculative to say. As a designer, I’m one of those guys who’s not prone to saying, “We’re going to be out a this time at this date at this minute at this hour,” because things change, and the one thing we care about the most is making a quality game, not hitting a street date."

The things they did mention and the pace they are going. I expect it to hit sometimes in 2009

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