New Gran Turismo HD Images

Here are some better images from the latest Famitsu magazine which featured a story on Gran Turismo HD.

There are going to be two separate game elements on one disc, released in Japan this December, one of which will use the E3 "Gran Turismo HD" demo as a basis for an online multiplayer showcase, while the other will offer a sample of content built to the Gran Turismo 5 spec.

Gran Turismo 5 won't be out until 2008, according to translations of the Famitsu piece, which features an interview with creator Kazunori Yamauchi. Sony has yet to comment on the details in the West.

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MoonDust5851d ago

Too bad the dam Ps3 cost so much!
Ohh well maybe in a year the price will drop.

LiquifiedArt5851d ago

a MOST DEFINITE BUY, just as i was saying in the first article i posted. ITs 2 <-- Game Modes on 1 Disk. You cant go wrong; and i'm also pretty the microtransactions were misinterpreted, as well as the continuity of GT4 Game Saves.

kmis875851d ago

Hey, one of the screens show more than 6 cars in a race. Finally!

LiquifiedArt5851d ago

That would be Insane, as long as there is a penalties option for crashing into opponents. similar to the rally events in GT4. This is a good way to deal with driving like a fool until GT5 and the entire bag of worms is upon on, Collions+,More Enhanced PHysics+, Weather Conditions+, Day/Time+, a million cars+... :)

Chewy 1015851d ago

Cars look awesome, but if the famitsu information about this game is true im gonna have to shun this game...