Week recap: PS3 CES; Xbox 360 HD DVD; Wii Mario Kart

Punchjump gives an overview of some of the weeks hottest news stories.

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nice_cuppa4568d ago

PS3, CES, Xbox 360, HD DVD(toshiba) Wii-Mario Kart.

i know these sights lie to get hits but what ps3 ces..... toshiba make hd-dvd not microsoft(xbox360)

oh well.

whoelse4568d ago

Yeah i thought that too.

nice_cuppa4568d ago

i still got 2 disagree's though

bluhefner4568d ago

Nice Cuppa yeah true. But you know how this site is.

The Killer4568d ago

unless there is a price drop, that will sell 1 million more!!
every body knows 360 sells in the holidays!!

socomnick4568d ago

its gonna sell good regardless m8

AngryHippo4568d ago the 360 keeps getting AAA titles, with sequels to games like Mass Effect and Gears, they will continue to sell extremely well. PS3 will also sell well this year.....interesting to see this time next year how things have pand out.

Kugar774568d ago

it says 360 came out november 2007

whoelse4568d ago

It depends how you look at it. Blu-ray sucess will affect the PS3 more than the 360. The only way it will affect the 360 is the people planning on getting the 360 because they want to watch HD movies, and the people who were gonna get the 360 but now are getting the PS3 as it plays blu-rays.

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