Namco Bandai preparing Eureka Seven AO, Lagrange hybrid packs

Back in February, Namco Bandai teased it was developing a game based off the Eureka Seven AO anime. It resurfaced in Famitsu this week, during an interview with Namco Bandai vice president Shin Unozawa, as a hybrid pack, which combines a movie and a game, for PlayStation 3.

Also confirmed is a hybrid pack for the anime Lagrange: The Flower of Rin-ne.

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Canary2441d ago

I'm really starting to ****ing hate these hybrid packs.

rdgneoz32440d ago

If they actually released them outside of Japan, I wouldn't mind them. Annoying seeing animes I've liked coming out in the packs and only being released in Japan...

Canary2440d ago

It's the size that bothers me. They're little more than demos. With the THREE Macross hybrid packs out there, there's more than enough content to make a full game. ~__~

Shadonic2441d ago

please come to 360 -_- really is starting to move towards some nationalism stuff.

Lavalamp2440d ago

It's not nationalism, it's Bluray.

Shadonic2440d ago

I dought that it would have so much data that it wouldent fit a DVD disk the anime hasent even aired and the manga of the show wouldent even last for half an ep.