Gran Turismo 5 Prologue to hit March 19th, $39.99?

PSU writes:

" Starting today, gamers may now pre-order Gran Turismo 5 Prologue via their local Gamestop or EB Games for only $5. According to Gamestop's listing, Polyphony Digital will be releasing GT 5 Prologue on March 19th, 2008 for only $39.99 USD. "

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nice_cuppa4034d ago

i can wait till christmas and get the full game.

i can't believe people are willing to pay for a demo.

MaximusPrime4034d ago

ok you are 1 in a million to refused to get it.

I will get it, while i wait for the full game in a year time.

TANOD4034d ago (Edited 4034d ago )

that nice cupppa is an XBOT

what do you expect from the XBOTS?

people pay 75$ for LIVE,100$ for wifi and over 300 000 paid for the now defunct HDDVD addon on X360


Gondee4034d ago

Yeah, i realy dont have the money to spend on a this, ima wait till the full game is out.

TANOD you are probly the biggest fan boy on this site.
Why cant people just be nuetral. Its retarted typing a offencive comment that the other person can just decid ot to read.

nice_cuppa4034d ago

so me not wanting to pay for gt5 demo for my ps3.
me wanting to wait for the full game for my ps3.

makes me an xbot.....?


BrianC62344034d ago

What do you mean pay for a demo? Prologue isn't a demo. A demo doesn't give you much. Prologue is better than most full racing games. Go ahead and wait for the final GT5 if you want to. I'm going to be play GT5 Prologue all year. Have you ever seen a demo that gives you 16 player racing online? I haven't.

As for the article linked, I can't believe they didn't know that Famitsu review was a joke. I guess they don't pay attention. But Prologue is coming out March 18th? Since when? Prologue is coming out in February.

sticky doja4034d ago

75$ for LIVE? Dude you are either getting ripped off or are sadly misinformed.

Sam Fisher4034d ago

wtf r talking bout???? where the F***!! do u get ur info.... wifi is free ( hence wifi 4 the ds) xbox live is 50 yearly and ps3 has to buy gamess 4 online seperatly so if u think bout it sony is the highest pay here i have to buy online games seperatly.....40 + 40= 80 (thats 2 online only games there)and then to get the single player version games cost 60$..... dont think im an xbot i support sony aswell

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Sevir044034d ago

i wanna race online ^^ and wow some people and give them a reason to see why PS3 is an awesome machine. GT5 has it all the wait will be a bit unbarable so i dont mind 10 tracks and 16 player online, clan leather boards, downloadable content, and GTTv, and 50+ cars for right now. Motorstorm at release online had a hand full of cars and such and that game was great but half baked which is why i dont mind this.

Bill Gates4034d ago

Uncle Ron is that you? Where have you been? Everyone's been so worried about you. I'm glad to see you're doing so well.....AAHAHAHHHAHAH

actas1234034d ago

Freaking idiot, why the hell do u have such an ugly avatar, u are probably one of those idiots that think its cool... anyways added to ignore list.. I don't wanna see that fukin face again you son of a b!tch. fukin kid!

dzg4ever4034d ago

would be nice. Gran Turismo HD was ineresting only with time trial and drift mode, and Prologue with online mode is good enough for time till full version of game arive. I doubt that full version will be out in this year. Maybe spring 2009.

2 cents4034d ago

Any idea about the EU release date? I hope they won`t make us wait even longer, i really want to play this game.

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