Lovely Skyrim theme cover by Lindsey Stirling & Peter Hollens

DSOGaming writes: "Lindsey Stirling & Peter Hollens made a lovely cover for Skyrim’s theme, in which Lindsey played the violin while Peter made all the vocals for it. Yeap, that’s right. This is a cover with one violin and one voice. The result is great and it certainly deserves your attention. Bill Hare mixed the clip, whereas Ben Lieberman edited it."

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jc485732387d ago

man, if only they had cute girls in Skyrim like the one in the video.

Kahvipannu2387d ago

Lindsay is pretty great, I suggest check the Shadows video from her, pretty amazing.

john22387d ago

yeap, Lindsay has the looks and the skills. The whole package as we say

nilamo2387d ago

Don't know how often I just let skyrim stay in the main menu before starting, just to hear the awesome theme.

Lucreto2386d ago

That was very good.

The locations they have are amazing.

john22386d ago

Yeap. Both of them are really talented and they did an amazing work mixing those 120 tracks into one song