Watch Gates CES keynote online

Those of you staying up to see what Bill Gates has to say in his final Consumer Electronics Show keynote speech alongside Robbie Bach tonight - 6.30pm PST, which is 2.30am GMT - will be able to watch it live on the Internet.

As Gamerscoreblog points out, Gates' speech will be broadcast on, and will feature the usual bits about gaming. Bach, who is president of Microsoft's Entertainment & Devices Division, will appear and there will be an on-stage demo of some form.

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Meus Renaissance4029d ago

I will definitely be watching this for 360 announce/disc format announcements. N4G later today (or tomorrow depending where you are) is going to be hectic.

Server crash confirmed lol

gamesR4fun4029d ago (Edited 4029d ago )

a new m$ handheld...
nothing on teh 720, b/r or hd dvd but maybe a decent price drop on the 360 or the hd add ons...

Edit: Too funny they want us to install spyware to watch it lol
check out the auto update part of their user agreement here (pretty standard but I dont trust M$ that much lol)besides why couldnt they make it work with the media player like every other feed?!

hope someone puts up a better link... if there is one...

Bladestar4029d ago

@gamesR4fun - ignorance... it's not spyware.... lol... it's silverlight... it's the same technology used by Netflix and many other companies... it's also used my the xbox 360 and it's have microsoft managed to distribute HD movies in less than 5GB downloads... it's also capable of streaming live feed and save the company lots of bandwidth.... ohh and did I forget to mention that it's crossplatform and crossbrowser? people with mac can view this... .do you want to know something else? yes.. you don't need any media player install to view the movie... i.e. you don't need even windows media player install to view the movie...
Well.. not that I've perform this public service to educate you; please print on your forehead the following, "EDUCATED SONY FANBOY".

gamesR4fun4028d ago

lol so its safe cause its on the xbox heh still not installing their crapware.
Someone was good enough to post a real link bellow so if your has gratefull has I am shoot him some bubbles.

Norad6 - 1 Hour ago
21 - Here is a link to watch..

Maddens Raiders4028d ago (Edited 4028d ago )

you are one strange cat. M$ could literally shyt in your mouth and you would die trying to convince everyone how it "really wasn't that bad..". Your worse than the PC guy in the damn Mac commercials.


gololo4028d ago (Edited 4028d ago )

"ohh and did I forget to mention that it's crossplatform and crossbrowser?" Yes it is but it is a have fun downloading another plugin...this is another attempt of MS to try to take away from Flash (not a fan of flash either) and/or Javascript...instead of focusing on the lame silverlight why doesn't Billy concentrate on fixing IE (which is the number 1 reason of cross-browser issues)...stop proposing crazy ideas that in IE8 there will a better scripting language than Javascript and a bunch of lame new features...listen Bladestar, MS Silverlight sucks. MS is doing nothing towards web standards...God they can't even get the Box Model correct let alone the Bladestar instead of promoting new features on the Web from MS...why don't flood their forums telling to their crappy browser...

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MaximusPrime4029d ago

I watched "Liar, Liar" with Jim Carrey.

Bill might be copying Jim, drinking alot of water, nervous.

hotshot1274029d ago

and the embarrassing part isnt even the half of it. read my other post in the "MICROSOFT BLURAY HDDVD DILEMNA" where i explain what i mean.

i cant wait to see what thier gonna say now

Ignorant Fanboy4028d ago

Microsoft just came off an extremely good year.

Developers prefer working on the 360 over any other platform.

What does MS have to worry about?? Blu-Ray? I think not.

They might not make as much $ as they thought, but they wont lose a whole lot either.

You fanboys crack me up, BR gets an exclusive studio, and you all start yelling, "Its over for the 360"

craymoogy4028d ago

nah, that's not true. Developers now like to do ps3 more, like Activision.

360 is having a good time now, but it needs to have good games in 08. I don't see any good games yet.

I start to like MS now. The phone Bill Gates showed was freaking awesome. Iphone sucks!

NegativeCreepWA4029d ago

Does anyone know of any live feeds for the whole show, not just the MS show?

pwnsause4029d ago

well G4 is going to cover it tomorrow, but I dont know if you can consider G4 as a TV channel, since they're so bad.

Kaneda4029d ago

Cops, Cheaters, Ninja Warrior... :) G4 sucks!

Nameless4029d ago

Sony would be stupid to not let Microsoft in on the whole Blu-Ray thing. What about all of the Sony items that uses Microsoft stuff ? If Sony says no just to spite Microsoft then guess what Microsoft will do the same. Sony already relies on Microsoft for alot of stuff for example Video Codecs & Sony Computers that use Windows XP & plenty of other things. If Sony becomes an ass about this then this will just go back to hurting consumers again. Sony can not afford to be an ass to Microsoft now. These two companies now need to grow some balls & wise up & work together. If they say no to each other just to spite each other then like I said the consumers will be the ones that loose.

bruiser814029d ago

Sony extended an invitation for both MS and Toshiba to join the blu-ray camp last summer, it was they who were being difficult. If MS did want to join the Sony band waggon why on earth do you think they was say no? It would benefit them more than it would MS, I thought that was the whole point of being in business TO MAKE MONEY. The only ones who take this Sony VS MS war personal are fanboys.

Sayai jin4029d ago

Bubbles for your statement about people acting like they work for these company or get personal satifaction from format and/or console wars. Unfortunately this site is crawling with them.

On another note it is not MS that needs to ask Sony "please let us use bluray tech. The business world does not work this way. Sony is a company and what is the sole purpose of a company. "To make money"