Mass Effect 3 Fans: You're Not Wrong, It's Just Your Attitude

PSXE tries to implement a ceasefire by saying the ME3 fans were never wrong - they're perfectly right to complain - but their attitude was the problem.

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NovusTerminus2390d ago

If you wish to get something done, then screaming, flailing, and mindless flame wars with insults being thrown around is not the way to do it.

Saddly, not allot of people will sit down and debate something or state their opinions.

I hated the ending, but I feel it is a learning experience for them, they need to consider the way they end a game. Not just for the fans, but for themselves as well, the ending was just not that well thought out, and did not seem to fit the story. And I have to problem with a darker, more bleak ending to a story, but this just seemed last minuet to me.

But alas on the internet not many people will calmly talk about this, and it just explodes into needless flame wars that get nothing done, for either side.

FrightfulActions2390d ago

Frankly I don't care how the mass of fans act, be it with dignity or flat out rage. At this point I'll settle for anything that gets the message across to BioWare the quickest that we wan't a proper ending. I usually roll my eyes at the rage and flame wars, but I can't deny they served a good purpose this time around, seems that people respond quicker to being yelled at rather than being asked nicely. Harsh but true. Being proper is great when it works, but sometimes you need the renegades to act out to draw in the attention.

All I know is that apparently BioWare heard the cries and will be answering them soon later this month with an DLC announcement to 'fix' the ending. I count that as a win.

fathoms2389d ago

I would just like to clarify, for the sake of harmony, that the article I wrote is designed specifically to pacify and nothing more. Not taking a stance, just trying to calm everyone down.

Gaming is supposed to be fun. The last thing I want is for the fans to forget that.

Ben Dutka

vortis2389d ago (Edited 2389d ago )

I think most people understand that point and most gamers want gaming to be fun. The flame wars that were going on before are nothing compared to what's happening in the industry right now.

All the yelling, crying and screaming over what Capcom is doing needs to keep going (although it's looking like it's quite pointless because they don't seem to be bending for nothing).

And at least BioWare is being responsive to their community. But promoting a "choice-driven" RPG for three games only to make those choices moot seems a bit like a cop-out.

It's hard to tell if they'll pull an Asura's Wrath and say "herp derp here's the real ending for $10" or go an alternative route. I'm just glad some progress was made.

Hopefully games can get back to being fun once these anti-consumerist measures are abolished.

googergieger2389d ago

Can I expect an article calling out the critics that called all the fans that disagreed with them, entitled cry babies? I mean really a lot of us disliked the game. Sold/returned it. Moved on. However still stated with plenty of reasons why the game was average with a bad ending and why critics were wrong in giving it a blind high rating regardless of the fact it clearly isn't a perfect game. Or even close to it. A lot of the fans were a bit wrong with their hate. Not wrong, just couldn't articulate it as well as some. However critics are way more to blame in all this and the sooner you lot humble yourselves and start writing fair and unbiased reviews/articles, the sooner we can start trusting you guys again. As it is now? These type of articles just come off as Fox News levels of propaganda.

fathoms2389d ago

That's a pile of crap.

You really think journalists would've responded the way they did if the fans had simply said, "We're not really satisfied with the ending, and we'd appreciate it if BioWare did something about it"...?

No, the journalists were responding to the disgusting attitude, which I cited in the article. The knee-jerk, completely unwarranted bashing, the "ME3 sucks, BioWare sucks, and if they don't change it immediately - and for free - right now, I'll never buy another BioWare game again."

The fans started this, champ. Most journalists were simply calling out those fans because it's EMBARRASSING to work in an industry where the consumers act like children.

googergieger2389d ago

Yes. Because they did. They lumped in an entire group of fans with entitled cry babies. Despite numerous coming out and saying, "Yeah we aren't crying. We are just disappointed." Then came out with valid reasons as to why the game even leading up to the ending wasn't as amazing as the hype machine(you) said it was. Then once again were still called entitled cry babies.

You "journalists" at the very least are biased on this issue. The ratings on this game showcase that. The overwhelming loyalty to Bioware and complete disregard for ALL fans. Not just the ones you cite. Which is scoff worthy right there. You guys disregarded all fans that quite simply didn't like the game, and didn't appreciate biased reviews. For whatever reasons. Be it hype, be it not finishing the game, or any other reason.

Again if you critics would have done their job from the get go and given the game an honest rating/review. People wouldn't have gone in with such high hopes. Wouldn't have gone in expecting a fulfilling ending. Would have gone in expecting what it was. Average game. Bad ending. Hopefully they'll try better next time. No one to blame but themselves and all right?

Then again maybe that is what you guys are doing? Blame all fans for some flaming idiots out there, ignore the ones with points and reasons for why they think the way they do, and then pat yourself on the back for sticking up for a company that doesn't need it. All because you don't want to admit you were wrong in blind high ratings and blind loyalty. Oh well, I guess. Hope you lot try harder next time as well.