Rumortoid: Super Smash Bros Brawl Demo Coming Soon

Destructoid writes, "Rumors are flying around the internet that Nintendo will be bringing a downloadable demo of their sure-to-be-hit game Super Smash Bros Brawl to the Wii sometime between now and when the game drops on February 10th."

"Nintendo has thus far been extremely sheepish about both online promotions and playable demos for their upcoming games. But due to the type of game that Super Smash Bros Brawl is, I believe this rumor could be the truth. Where a small portion of Super Mario Galaxy or Metroid Prime 3: Corruption would likely take up huge chunks of memory, a demo for Brawl with just a couple of stages and characters may only take up the same amount of space as a N64 game. In fact, a brief inspection of the pic above tells that depending on the amount of memory you wish to spend on this demo, you can download more or less characters and game modes."

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Darkiewonder4029d ago (Edited 4029d ago )

There's there other picture where it looks like the startup screen that says "BETA DEMO" on there. I wouldn't call this demo a beta with the fact the game is supposedly coming out in Feb. less than a month away.

Polluted4029d ago

Seems a little sketchy, but hey, that's why they call it a rumor. Could be good news for wii fans.

Wii60PS3DSPSP4029d ago

Well if it's before the U.S release date great, if it's after the release date...pointless.

andygoterps4029d ago

The demo, if true, will be coming soon if they are really going to do this. At least a week or so before the game. And you would be able to battle in one type of game mode anyway.

KeiZka4029d ago

Except for Europe, an area that is getting the shaft. Once again. How infuriating.

darkness within4029d ago

since Nintendo's european "localizing" takes an eternity

shadowfish4029d ago

I posted a story on the EXACT same subject off an internet blog. WHY THE HELL DOES THIS STORY GET ACCEPTED!?

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