Mass Effect 3’s Ending Disrespects Its Most Invested Players

Kotaku - We should have known the conclusion would be trouble. Ending a game like Mass Effect 3 poses a special set of problems, because a central attraction of Western RPGs is that their systems respond to player choice. Mass Effect and its like are the classic case of games that generate stories through collaboration between designer and player. Drawing things to a close, however, requires the hand of the developer to show, often in ways that seem unattractive.

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Godmars2902391d ago

I thought the From the Ashes DLC did that?

RedDead2390d ago

I thought both the DLC and Ending did that?

Godmars2902390d ago (Edited 2390d ago )

The ending is just bad writing/scripting. From the Ashes is obviously exploitative while Bioware swears up and down its not.

Well, actually if the ending was done the way it was as many expect which was also to sell DLC, its as exploitative, but from the Ashes still came first.

coolbeans2390d ago (Edited 2390d ago )

In it's current stage, the ME3 ending is bad, not disrespectful. It's a different case altogether when considering possible the ending DLC on the way(tbf, we don't know what that is yet).

Nimblest-Assassin2390d ago

yawn... how many articles has Kotaku written about the ending?

Its a crappy ending... jeez we get it. Why do the press insist on writting about stuff we know over and over again?

Godmars2902390d ago

For the same reason we're constantly ragging on it: in the hope that Bioware and other devs wont repeat the mistake of cheapening out on the end of a game again.

mistajeff2390d ago

Spoilers for ME (obviously)

I'm much more okay with the ending after researching the whole shepard is indoctrinated theory. It's the only thing that makes sense, it has to be what they intended. My only problem with it is that it doesn't actually reveal anything; the intention of the reapers is still a mystery, the conflict hasn't been resolved, the war is still ongoing, etc. It'll be interesting to see how the next game picks things up, and whether we'll run into our own shepard as an NPC (if he/she survived), or possibly as a villain (if he/she went with the green or the blue endings).

sukru2390d ago


If this is indeed the case, __and__ they do not charge extra for the real ending, BioWare will be heroes, and will be congratulated for their ingenuity.

Otherwise, they should expect a sharp decline in the DA3 - or any other BW game - sales, and especially pre-orders.

Perjoss2390d ago

"If this is indeed the case, __and__ they do not charge extra for the real ending, BioWare will be heroes, and will be congratulated for their ingenuity."

I agree with this! but on the other hand Bioware really, really does not want to be the first company to charge gamers for the ending to a game they already paid for.

mistajeff2390d ago (Edited 2390d ago )

Yeah, I think I see quite an ingenious plan coming together. If this is the case, of course. And yeah, if they charge for a real-ending DLC, they'll be caught in an even bigger shitstorm. I also hope they don't, say, keep things unresolved as an excuse to use the reaper war as a setting for an MMO. I'd like whatever game that follows this to be a mass effect-style RPG that actually answers questions (namely what the true intention of the reapers are. obviously what the child/harbinger? was saying was a load of crap). I'd be fine with offshoot games set during the war, in fact I think a mass effect reaper war FPS would be cool if done properly, but I'd hate to see the resolution and answers dragged way out for years until they've milked the brand dry and no one cares anymore.

Godmars2902390d ago

This will be doubly true for people unable to download the "true" ending because no or a poor online connection.

And yes, I'm being sarcastic.

tigertron2390d ago

I never thought I'd agree with Kotaku, but they're right. Bioware slapped loyal fans like me in the face.

kaozgamer2390d ago

Ive been a massive mass effect fan. But even though i didn't like the fact that shepard dies, the ending was the way to end the trilogy