LucasArts Shows off Star Wars: The Force Unleashed and Fracture at CES

CNBC - Jim Goldman, Jan. 06:

At the Consumer Electronics Show, LucasArts is set to unveil two of the most anticipated titles that rely on technology never used in video games production before. "Star Wars: The Force Unleashed" uses DMM, or digital molecular matter. "Fracture" sets itself apart from all other games with Terrain Deformation.

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CRIMS0N_W0LF4028d ago



tatotiburon4028d ago

i'm with you in this one..C'mon George STAR WARS SAGA HD

i cant wait for force unleashed

Apocwhen4028d ago

Maybe this is the game Free Radical Design are working on. They've said they are working on a secret lucasarts project.

TheIneffableBob4028d ago (Edited 4028d ago )

It wouldn't be secret if it has already been revealed.
And Day 1 Studios is working on Fracture, Force Unleashed is being developed in-house at LucasArts.

OpiZA4028d ago

Aaaaanyway... I hope we get 2 see some cool media on these two titles

lynx1halo4028d ago

a little bit iffy on the Fracture game???????? it seems like the potential is there.....but it appears they are using the terrain manipulation as more of a gimmick

GIJeff4028d ago

deformation isn't all that hard to do anyways. I've done a rough version of it on OpenGL. Someone really shouldn't base an entire game off of it, unless its some next gen bob the builder game. That said, having it in a solid action game as an added feature could be pretty cool. Red Faction was fun as all heck when it came out.

drewdrakes4028d ago (Edited 4028d ago )

You have a terrain deformation GUN. From what i remember. When enemies are shooting you, you can just aim at the ground and pop up some cover. THATS what theyre going for. But let me know when you make a full game based upon it. Im looking forward to this game.

There are lots of videos on it.

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