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Kinect Star Wars is filled with glitches, unresponsive controls, and poor voice acting. It’s less Han Solo and more Jar Jar

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neutralgamer192388d ago

yet another!!!! Where is the guy who posted as soon as he saw the first positive review and said "you see this game is going to be good screw the haters" It isnt about hate its about what ppl have seen via video and what ppl know about the kinect itself. Its one thing to tout an accessory and game as the next coming of christ and its another to actually follow through. Keep believing Ms but we both know the move is better than Kinect when it comes to motion controls and the Kinect cannot pull of hard core gaming in any capacity.

jimineyscrickets2388d ago

Im just sad this game didnt turn out. The concept was cool.

neutralgamer192388d ago

I agree with you Jiminey no hate involved. And to be honest if the Kinect would have been even a fraction of what it was touted to be i would have gotten one too. Its sad because im definitely about playing good games and buying good cool tech.

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