1UP- Kinect Star Wars Review: Boldly Going Where Star Wars Didn't Need to Go

1UP, Jose Otero- "Child of Eden or Fruit Ninja Kinect are prime examples of fun Kinect games that know what they want to be and dial down complexity in order to maintain a fun and interesting atmosphere. This idea of designing a game around limitations certainly isn't new, but its something that Kinect Star Wars misses entirely.

I do acknowledge that compiling a group of mini-games set to a Star Wars theme could be a fun idea, the wide scope of things to do make each one feel sloppy in one way or another. While the mere existence of this game guarantees a week of Star Wars Kid video revivals, the more painful joke here is that outside of families looking for something to play with their children, Kinect Star Wars offers little for anyone else."

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jimbobwahey2482d ago

Surprise surprise another crappy Kinect game. The tech is useless for videogames and the only decent games that utilize the device are vastly superior experiences on other platforms. Wanna play Fruit Ninja? Much better with a touchscreen. Wanna play Child of Eden? Much better with a PlayStation Move controller.

All that Kinect is, is an expensive paperweight. I feel so sorry for everybody that wasted money on it, I really do. At least Nintendo, Apple and Sony know how to support their stuff with great software, Microsoft doesn't have a clue.

ABizzel12482d ago

You can always Dance Central

Which is actually the best game on Kinect IMO :D

Kinect Adventures / Sports are basically Wii Sports.

solidjun52482d ago

I agree with your statement regarding Dance Central. It is surprisingly fun.

Sizzon2481d ago

yeah dance central is great :)

shoddy2482d ago

But with 500mil for kinect ads make kinect look high tech and inovating.

Tai_Kaliso2482d ago

Actually Kinect has a surprisingly fun library of games, Gunstringer, Fruit Ninja, Child Of Eden, Kinect Sports 1 and 2, Dance Central 1 and 2, Rise Of Nightmares, Haunt, Kinect Rush and soon Steel Battalion, Fable The Journey and Crimson Dragon, which is the follow up to Panzer Dragoon.

I would feel more sorry for people who wasted money on Move, since Sony seems to have abandoned it completely. They slap the occasional support on a game that doesn't need it and that nobody asked for it on, but where are the Move only titles?

I'd venture to say Kinect owners over the first year and a half are happier than Move owners. Than again, Kinect is still actually selling.

mayberry2482d ago

1 game, KILLZONE 3 in 3-d with ps move beats all those games you listed times 3 imho

Tai_Kaliso2482d ago

I got a lot of disagrees, but this is a heavy Sony fan based place.

Has Sony even come out with a Move only title since PlayStation Hero's? Which scored worse than any Kinect game.

As I said, Sony slapped Move support on games that didn't need it and offered no reason to own one.

My main point was valid, at least Kinect owners have SOME games to play.

If were listing games that are better with peripherals like Move or Kinect, than Mass Effect 3 was fantastic with its Kinect integration. It doesn't take much to slap some support on a game, but Move lacks any real titles that are Move only and worth the purchase.

So think about that the next time you try to put down Kinect, which actually gets support, games and advertising.

dark-hollow2482d ago

I still can't shake up the dancing scene out of my head.

Shadonic2482d ago

"All that Kinect is, is an expensive paperweight" So would the move be the same thing but in the shape of a vibrator ?

also i can tell you dont know much about the kinect so im just going to ignore the rest of what you wrote seeing as you subconciouslly block out all the good games and the amazing things people have done with it that range from FPS to fighters and adventure games.

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memots2482d ago

i though that Dancing with Boba feet was supposed to be hardcore?

Clarence2482d ago

I thought the score would have been lower.

Megaton2482d ago

Very generous score for such a game.

GusBricker2482d ago

...being the Ranker. It's like Rampage!

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