Now Teachers Are Blaming Bad Kids On Video Games

IGN is reporting on a story from The Guardian that a conference of schoolteachers in the great UK have determined that violent video games are to blame for the issues of small children.


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TekoIie2391d ago (Edited 2391d ago )

I actually want to add something relevent here.

Once me and my friends at school (we were 8) watched a WW2 documentary at school. AS soon as that class ended we played "guns". After star wars episode 2 released we would play the war scene at the end of the movie.

SO can these teachers definitively prove that the video games are the cause of it? If they prove this to be true then we would need to investigate how the child managed to play or see this game. Which leads to the parants (most likely).

Were probably gonna end up with an interview similar to when FOX called the Xbox "sexbox" because of mass effect and then get an "expert" who knows nothing about what they're talking about.

StayStatic2391d ago (Edited 2391d ago )

That line was awesome :D

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Hufandpuf2391d ago

when kids start quoting Captain Price then get back to me. In the mean time start doing your job.

VirtualSamadhi2391d ago

I guess that means I can blame bad grades on bad teachers!

catfrog2391d ago

you could have always done this, if youre in the US, your teachers most likely have tenure, they cant fired unless they really try and get fired. they dont have to teach you anything.

many teachers that are "fired" are actually just not given any classes to teach, and just sit at home receiving their pay because the school couldnt actually fire them, but they couldnt keep them in any classrooms.

Hicken2391d ago

Why is it that ignorance is only bliss for the ignorant? Why do the knowledgeable suffer so when they're not blind?

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