Hardcore gamers not looking to abandon physical product

According to a Wedbush Securities report, casual players may be leaving for mobile and social titles, but "hardcore" users will stick with packaged products. Everyone is betting on digital for the future, with rumors that the next generation Xbox will ditch discs as a delivery mechanism for its titles. Wedbush report states that all consumers moving toward digital is a "commonly held misperception".

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godzilla722391d ago

I just simply will stick with old school if this turns into digital bullshit! No way will i give in to the man!

NeXXXuS2391d ago

Agreed. Having a physical copy is so much better. Makes me feel special inside too. :)
If games turn digital within the coming years, AMAZON, HERE I COME. ಠ_ಠ

godzilla722391d ago

I collect some games, and like to actually have it. Not a digital download, what good is that? To cut down on paper and plastic? Can you imagine having to pay $60 for a digital download?

What a waste! I have some really rare dreamcast titles that i own, and also sell used games on ebay and amazon. Its just a way for these game publishers to make more money, thats what it boils down to.

At least i still have my original working DKJr and Primal Rage arcade cabinets! Theres just some things id rather have that i can look at and enjoy, rather than just a mere download!

Elimin82391d ago

I think they should package games like they do BluRay movies.. If not now next Gen.. Digital copies with retail releases... Don't see why not! You get dvd/bluray and digital in one package for a reasonable price.. Why not Games?

spicelicka2391d ago

I don't think the companies realize the effect of having a physical tangible material product in hand, in terms of it's value to the product holder who bought it.
I will be completely honest here, i used have a modded xbox 360 and sometimes i would just play actual games that i had bought, oldd games like crackdown, instead of the ton of games i had burnt. Just for the sake of it.

Those burnt discs were tangible and i didn't feel anything for them so imagine how much shit i'd give for a digital game?

skyfire22612391d ago

Good Riddance to the clutter. Games delivered via a physical format are an old and outdated medium. Bring on the Digital revolution. oh wait, its already here :)

Persistantthug2391d ago (Edited 2391d ago )

Retail will not allow it, and retail cannot be subverted.

The day retail can be bipassed, is the day we won't need consoles anymore for AAA video games.

If you don't believe me, just send a nice email and ask ONLIVE Corp why you've never seen their console in any American brick retail store with your own eyes.

Hicken2391d ago

Yeah... no.

Hardcore gamers- you know, the ones that keep the industry afloat when all the fads have faded?- like having a physical collection, if for nothing that showing off.

And good luck getting your money back if you buy a crappy digital game.

Oh, and years from now, when you can't download it anymore, I sure hope nothing happens to your hard drive, or the data doesn't get corrupted.

Don't piss off the developer/publisher, either.

Yeah, this digital revolution sounds like it'll be LOADS of fun when it comes to ownership...

GraveLord2391d ago

Even your precious PC games are still sold in retail.(Yes, all the way in the corner)

Yes there is a digital revolution going on but to think that packaged products will go away is stupid. Games are only getting bigger and bigger with each gen. Many ISPs have monthly bandwidth limits. I barely go 1/4 of mine. If I had to download all my games, I'd easily go over.

Bathyj2391d ago

Or physical controllers.

badz1492391d ago (Edited 2391d ago )

so true! digital on-screen controller SUCKS!

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