More Than a Game: Why the Mass Effect 3 Endings Work

Everyday Gamers writer Eric Bouchard explains why he thinks the endings to Mass Effect make sense.

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sjaakiejj2479d ago

" Programming the kind of ending some gamers were expecting would have been a nightmare"

No.. it wouldn't be. Thing is, programmers have very little to do with the dialogue and cutscenes in the game. The programmers build the framework, and the designers and artists fill that framework with their story, dialogue, conditions and cutscenes. I would be surprised if there was even one programmer that even touched the endings.

DeadSpaced2478d ago

I'll be honest here. I loved the ending. It felt rewarding to see an end to the story. The one thing I did not like about the ending was several plot holes at the end and the fact that you can get a general sense of what's going on but they never explain several things in the last two cut scenes. However, I loved the game in it's entirety and don't want it to change. Just maybe an explanation.