Zack & Wiki Sinks Without Trace At Retail

It looks fantastic, plays great and represents one of the finest third party Wii games of the past year. Yet Zack and Wiki: Quest for Barbaros' Treasure has performed abysmally at retail, flying in the face of the opinion that the Wii is best platform for third parties to develop for if they want to make a quick buck.

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MK_Red4030d ago

Carnival Games sells a lot while being a crappy 3rd party title. Zack & Wiki sales are abysmal while it's a superb 3rd party title.

So of course publishers will keep dumping the worst possible games on Wii instead of taking advantage of it's unique streigths because looks like only crappy games like Carnival keep selling on Wii.

IntelligentAj4030d ago

Agreed. This truly is a shame. I thought Zack and Wiki was a kiddie game until I actually played and found loads of stuff that made the game just great. I can't understand why games like this don't sell but crap like carnival games sells. simply amazing...

Fr0ZzZeN4030d ago

Its a shame. What is the incentive to make good quality wii games when the crappy ones sell well and the games created with time and passion fail hugely in sales like Zack & Wiki.

LJWooly4030d ago (Edited 4030d ago )

I think the reason this perofrmed so badly is because the Wii isn't aimed at the 'hardcore' gamer, which means that most people with a Wii won't be able to tell the difference between a good game and a piece of crap like Carnival games. Even Mario Galaxy hasn't had anywhere near the same success as a turd like Halo 3, even though Nintendo shifted more units than the 360, and it's achingly clear which is the better game. Plain stupid.

Odiah4030d ago

With such a great name and advertising campaign. It's REALLY hard to see why.

I'm going to buy it anywayz.

Enigma_20994030d ago

What is wrong with you people!?!?!? What the hell are you buying?!?!?

Makawee4030d ago

I bought it because everyone that played it always say the same thing " Get the game! It's awesome!". Did'nt expect much of it, I don't like Point-and-click games that much...

But damn they were right, Zack&Wiki is a very fun, well thought and polished little game. It looks great, play great, sounds great and is cheaper than most Wii games too. BUY IT NOW.

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