Review: Devil May Cry HD Collection (This Is My Joystick)

Capcom gave us a lot of reasons to be happy during the days of the Playstation 2. From Resident Evil 4 to Okami, and a little series called Devil May Cry.
The series is renowned for its over the top penchant for blood, violence and destruction, and remains a beloved classic among gamers the world over. Yet, it is with trepidation many look toward the Ninja Theory Series Reboot later this year. With big lore changes, gameplay style and art direction, the new DMC has caused a huge divide among its potential audiences.

Adding further fuel to the fire, Capcom have also decided to re-release the games that made the series famous, leaving us with two very important questions.

Are these games still any good? If they are, will these HD reminders serve as an unintended death sentence for Ninja Theory’s forthcoming efforts?

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RayWillmott2392d ago

One of the best HD collections i've played.