Why Vita and 3DS Have Nothing To Fear From Apple (This Is My Joystick)

Ah, the rise of the smartphone as a gaming platform; this is the bandwagon that just keeps on rolling, isn’t it? It’s no surprise really; the quality of gaming on your mobile phone has exponentially risen since the days of Snake and, dare I mention it, the N-Gage.

The digital distribution age, brought in by Apple’s iDevices particularly, provides gamers with a cheap, convenient gaming experience. Apple’s success here (and subsequently Android and Windows Mobile) has had such an effect on the games industry that many an expert, industry insider and consumer are predicting that traditional, dedicated handheld consoles are moribund.

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Both the 3DS and the Vita have the core gamer on lock which is who they are targeted at so they are solid...I have an iPhone and I don't want to game on it lol

RayWillmott2486d ago

Completely agree. We're looking at two different markets here.

DA_SHREDDER2485d ago (Edited 2485d ago )

Your right, Apple is in a league of their own. They do have gaming on their tablets, using a controller, there's even Dual Shock 3 support on the Sony Tab. Yeah, they are in a different market. Keep telling yourselves that while I sit here and laugh at your empty words of denial. Hahahaha

BTW, the Vita already failed in my eyes. It doesn't have half the capabilities that I thought it would, even if they did a firmware update, the fact that games are gonna be no bigger than 5 gigs doesn't make me feel like I'm getting much bang for my buck. Which is why I already sold my crap Vita. Piece of garbage.

GribbleGrunger2485d ago

'It doesn't have half the capabilities that I thought it would'

yeah, right lol. you expected high things from the Vita then, eh? i doubt that

360GamerFG2485d ago

3DS yes. VITA. . .well sony found it necessary to take a jab at iphone in their latest VITA ad so. . .

MasterCornholio2485d ago (Edited 2485d ago )

So your saying that the Vita will fail because Sony claims that it's better for games than an iPhone? I don't see how that Ad will cause the Vita to fail. It just doesn't make any sense. You people really need to relax.


360GamerFG2485d ago

Don't be daft, I never said or even implied that the ad would lead to vita's demise, thats retarded. What I'm saying is that Sony feels threatened enough by iphone that they had to take a swipe at it in an ad. The threat came before the ad, not the other way around.
What you just wrote was very nonsensical and people will agree with you because you're defending their precious sony. Thats it.

GribbleGrunger2485d ago

he has a point, MasterCornholio. it does show quite clearly that Sony see Apple as a threat. it could so easily have been aimed at the 3DS, but it wasn't. why?

Unexpecta2485d ago

Actually, it's all about marketing. The reason why Sony took a stab at the iPhone in the PSVita ad is to create curiosity and turn heads. If I had an all new device and I paired it up with a really well known device, then people would put their attention to it and see what all the fuss is about.

And also, Sony's PSVita doesn't feel threatened by the iPhone at all, since we are dealing with two totally different devices for different purposes. The reason why the word 'iPhone' is in the ad is because a majority of people have it and looking at this ad, they will want to know what's new about the Vita? The answer to that question is gaming as it states in the ad.

And why didn't Sony choose to use the 3DS in the ad? Because that device is garbage with half-assed hardware that is in no remote way comparable to the Vita aside from the fact that they are both handheld gaming devices. The iPhone at least has comparable hardware to the Vita and can pack some punch.

I mean, has anyone played MGS:Snake Eater on the 3DS? Wow. What an insult to the MGS series. Everything is slow in the game, there's choppiness, lag, and a whole bunch of other reasons as to why the 3DS deserves to fail.


LX-General-Kaos2485d ago (Edited 2485d ago )

Nintendo shows absolutely no fear toward any apple product. The Nintendo 3DS entertainment console is the industry leading handheld gaming device today. To maximize success Nintendo holds the winning formula. Groundbreaking technology, AAA Nintendo 3DS exclusives, and a respectable price point. In the complicated and over populated world of handheld gaming. The Nintendo golden standard makes leading the industry in handheld devices look really clean and simple.

Other competitors may have a battle on their hands from the forces at apple, but not so much Nintendo. Nintendo is clearly in a class of its very own when it comes to handheld gaming. As long as the Nintendo 3DS entertainment console has a unique dual screen setup, AAA quality Nintendo exclusives experiences, and a loyal following that consists of millions and Millions of Nintendo fans. Followed by one of the most important factors of them all.. Buttons. There is absolutely nothing to fear.

Worldwide Nintendo elite gamers from all walks of life have spoken loud and clearly with their wallets on a consistent weekly basis. The voices of those wallets have been heard loud and clear. The voices have demanded a Nintendo 3DS entertainment console. Along with Nintendo 3DS exclusive content to back it. Nintendo has been the market leader for handhelds since the very beginning. It is going to take alot more from the competition to put an end to the streak.

The competition is doing pretty decent as well.

Rated E For Everyone

JBSleek2485d ago

If you honestly think that Sony and Nintendo shouldn't fear Apple in the handheld sector then you clearly don't understand the business side of gaming instead of this hardcore versus casual gamer fight.

metroid792485d ago

Nintendo don't have to fear nothing they sold 16 million in the 1st year or more that's better than any handheld or home console so get a grip,Apple can end up selling more than both put together but it won't steal Nintendo's Sales that's all i'm saying and that's what Nintendo have been saying,they make proper gamer's games and Apple make i buck games there is a big difference.

There 2 total different markets Apple could sell 5 billion ipads/iphones it still means nothing as long as the console makers sell around 15 million Hardware units minimum a year everything cool.

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