CES 2008 Burning Question: What Will Bill Say About HD DVD Fracas?

Wired Gadget Lab, by Jose Fermoso, January 06, 2008:

If you've been following the latest news from CES 2008, you now know that one of the main stories breaking is that Warner Bros. decided to ditch HD DVD for an exclusive deal with Blu-ray, leading to the cancellation of the HD DVD group's press conference and party at the Wynn. This has led many to believe that it is the final deathblow to HD DVD's chances against its optical drive competitor. HD DVD has been primarily backed by Microsoft and Toshiba, so the burning question of the day is this: What will Bill Gates say when his keynote address inevitably gets to HD formats and media centers? What about the rumored internal HD DVD Xbox 360?

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lynx1halo4573d ago

"Do you know who I am???? I'm Bill Gates......I choose not to answer to mere mortals" He will then quickly disappear in a poof cloud of money, and fly away in a Jet powered by his own self satisfaction

Bill Gates4573d ago

"fly away in a Jet, powered by his own self satisfaction"


sak5004573d ago

We could bloody wait and see in couple of hours. STUPID NEWS POST